Friday, February 24, 2012

This isn't just any consultation response, this is a quality unionist consultation response

Just when you think you've seen it all. It appears Michael Moore has given up hope of manipulating the raw numbers in the UK government's referendum 'consultation', and is instead trying a different tack, if this tweet from Torcuil Crichton (approvingly retweeted by @Admin4TheYoonYoon) is anything to go by...

"Moore says consultation will be judged on qualitative responses - strength of arguments - not quantity. Code for cybernats need not apply."

Hmmm. Perhaps this novel principle could also extend to the referendum itself - ie. quality of votes counts for more than quantity.

Code for Yes voters need not apply.


  1. Interesting. Can a genuinely valid qualitative analysis on such a subject really be given from a handful of brief decontextualised inputs on a website?

  2. Imhad to read that twice to understand the profundity of what Moore was actually saying.

    He will pick and chose which submissions will count and ignore the ones even if in the majority, that does not like?

    I have suggestion so he can save some time and money.

    Just select the Calman Commission to opine.

    Job done.

  3. So who, pray, sits in judgement on the quality of a submission and what are their qualifications to do so?

    What are the criteria by which a submission is judged? Is it passion or intellect?

    They are fiddling, just like we said they would.

    My father told me to never trust a Tory. (I know, of course that technically Moore isn't actually a Tory, but it's a pretty close run thing.)

    Mind you, if there is one thing that changing the parameters half way through the process shows, it is that, based on quantity, Moore is losing.

  4. I think I feel an FOI request coming on!