Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Sophie...

Sophie Bridger of the Liberal Democrats on Twitter a few hours ago -

"Dear Nats, please stop turning every single argument into one on Scottish independence. Love, Scotland"

* * *

Dear Sophie,

Admirer of your talents though I am (see Exhibit A), I'd suggest that a woman who sees no irony in her conviction that she 'speaks for Scotland' might want to double-check which party it was that got 45.4% of the vote in May, and which party it was that got 7.9% of the vote. Just a thought.




  1. Far be it from me to muck rake...well ok. Maybe you should also mention that Ms Bridger persaonally got only 2.2% of the vote in the Inverclyde by-election considerably less than the national average you mention above. Hardly a ringing personal endorsement for Ms B's vision for Scotland or any sort of bellwether for the expected resurgence of the Lib Dems under failed Fife MP Willie Rennie's leadership.

    Oh she also lost her deposit. And before the Lib Dem (and other) naysayers say the SNP did not win the seat...well yes we know that! The SNP share of the vote went up by more than 15%, however.

  2. Dear Sophie,

    The trouble with that is, well, so much of what afflicts Scotland is related to its position as an almost unnoticed corner of the UK, or as most people like to call it, England.

    The economy, probably the matter most dominant in people's thoughts at present, would be entirely different were we independent. (Think Norway, our nearest neighbour, and not just physically, if you are having difficulty with that notion.)

    And of course, from the economy almost everything flows. It's wonderful what you can do for people if you control your own money (if that is what you WANT to do with it, of course).

    We have a reasonable health service, but with control of our own economy we could have a first rate one; likewise education, transport, social services, welfare, third age provision, communications, sporting facilities, leisure provision, etc, etc, etc.

    So you see, for those of us who see above and beyond the second rate, tatty, make-do-and-mend life that we have in Englan.... sorry, the UK, aspire to something better, and can feel that "better" within our grasp, every argument can actually be traced back to the fact that we are shackled to a sinking hulk which is governed for the benefit of the very few at the cost of the very many.

    Think about it.



    Oh dear, too long for a tweet!

  3. Dear Lib-Dems, please stop turning on every single policy. Without Love, Scotland.