Monday, August 1, 2011

Intake of breath - are we making progress?

A quick follow-up to the last post in which I challenged Labour Hame's duty officer on Twitter about why none of the seven answers to his question that I quoted actually constituted an answer. Thrillingly, I've now received a response...

"Were any of them "yes" or "no"?"

Well, as luck would have it, one of those seven answers was my own, and it was this -

"Yes, if it wants to, but not if it doesn't" to the first part of the question on whether California should secede from the US...

...and "No" to the second part on whether those Californians who want to remain American are anti-Californian.

So are we inching closer to a historic concession from the tartan-clad Website of the People? I'm about to send a reply on Twitter with a link to here - I'll keep you posted. Oooh, the suspense...


  1. How thrilled you must be?

    You'll probably not sleep tonight.

    I don't think, though, that qualified "yeses" and "nos" count.

    They like to keep it simple over at Labour Hame. What can I say?

  2. Intriguingly, Tris, the first few questions posed at Labour Hame were these -

    The SNP mantra is that Scotland should control all its domestic affairs. Given that the EU already makes up to 50 per cent of all member states’ law, why don’t the SNP support withdrawal from the EU as well as withdrawal from the UK?

    Why does Alex Salmond think he needs a referendum before he can negotiate more powers for Holyrood?

    In what way would Scotland be better off in the euro, with interest rates set in Brussels rather than London?

    Apparently we were supposed to answer those questions either with the word "Yes" or the word "No". A tad peculiar, admittedly, but useful to know for the future.

  3. I take your point, James. A tad peculiar it is indeed.

    Maybe a little qualification on 'yes' or 'no' IS required.

    In fact, with the greatest respect to the Hon Gentleman, I'm not at all sure that there is a place for either of these words, anywhere in any of the possible the answers to these three questions. For an ex-scibbler he seems to have a shallow grasp of the uses of the words "yes" and "no".