Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Word-Search Wednesday : a George Foulkes spectacular

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to despair of the Labour blogosphere. Just how long are we supposed to wait for a word-search puzzle that celebrates the life and work of George Foulkes? Aren't we entitled to expect that Kezia, of all people, would have got round to it by now? Frankly, my patience is at an end, and I've decided to go ahead and do the deed myself. Sue me.

(Click to enlarge)

OK, you're looking for nineteen words, names or short phrases associated with His Eminence - the Wikipedia biography will be able to help you with most (but not all) of them.  The answers will be revealed on Friday.  Incidentally, any thoughts on the idea of having a regular 'Word-Search Wednesday' slot?  Be warned - I may interpret silence as enthusiastic assent!


  1. Yes I am amazed that Kezia (that blogger extraordinaire, only retired twice) has been so silent of late. Must be that long boring maiden speech that she posted in full on her blog (comments disabled) has plum tuckered her out. I do hope that her blog rate will not drop below the current one every six months or she will lose the epithet “well known blogger” in the Scotsman (printed in England).

    Do you have “space hopper” in there? I’m terrible at them but will print it off and have a go. But will doubtless look forward to the solution.

  2. I saw her on TV on Saturday when I watched the Parliamentaey Channel coverage. Not impressed as she seemed to be infected with the Foulkes doctrine of finger pointing trying to score political points just for the sake of it. A closed mind in my opinion.

  3. Munguin, I must admit I tried to solve it myself, and suddenly realised it was hard enough even when I knew what the words were! The only word that leaps out is "Arran" and that's there by complete accident.

    I heard that Kezia's maiden speech was about child poverty, but when I read it that seemed to be mainly a pretext for a rant about the SNP and "separation".

  4. Is drunklord in there?

  5. The usual old embittered nonsense from Kezia-infuriated Margo never mind the fully paid up SNP members.

    As I never expect "Scottish" Labour to change, I expect her to make a fine leader for them soon enough following their great-and cringe-worthy traditions (hell she is already in the betting for leader at 20/1-what a truly rubbish bunch they are :-)

  6. Kezia Dugdales's speech like everything she does including her "blog" is a vehicle to propel her forward through the Labour ranks. I think the age of nodding dog labourism is dead and that they need people of quality and not a load of toadying apparatchiks!

  7. I missed this post... Sorry James.

    Yep, more games is fine with me; although I didn't do terribly well last year when you set quizzes during your absence. Well “not terribly well” is a rather generous description of how I did. Still, I try.

    As for Kazia, she's just Little Georgie really, isn't she? It’s amazing that someone would turn something as serious as child poverty into a political rant against the SNP, especially when Labour has such a lamentable history on this. Cheap and nasty.

    It looks from this evidence like Kazia is set to carry on the grand tradition of the less cerebral Labour contributors so ably demonstrated by His Supremeness, with their pointless carping, wasting of time and money, and the turning of everything that is said into some separatist agenda against which they can rant endlessly.

  8. I have to say that at first glance I come across the words:

    OLD; BAR; NUT; NIT and SOT (as in habitual drinker).

    Nuff said.