Sunday, June 12, 2011

Denis MacShane : the solution

Actually, I'm not sure there is any known solution to Denis MacShane, but at least I can offer the solution to his word-search puzzle from Wednesday...

For a sneak preview of the identity of next week's Word-Search Wednesday star, try solving this anagram...



  1. These are fun for some: No problem. Enjoy.

    But how about your eagle eye re-focussing on some current, state terrorist issues - no joke - aka domestic fuel price hikes: Are these meant to strong arm Scots families into status quo acquiescence? To put the fear of "God" in them apropos post-Union social "realities" - "it" can only get worse sans the current, albeit hard, safety-net (tough love version)?

    Also, "slightly" sinister proposed Anglo troops redeployments being kited to test the waters and the depths of discontent potential.

    Forgive me, passing thoughts. Your blog is a joy and sanity saver and your puzzles are great fun.


  2. Thanks for your forbearance, David - I must admit I've prescheduled a few posts for the next wee while (I'm a bit tied up at the moment) but of course it's hard to be topical when I do that! Hopefully normal service will be resumed at some point...

  3. Well, I got few... but not all.

    OK, I'll try to crack the anagram.