Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eurovision 2010 prediction : Tuesday's semi-final

Well, what with all the excitement of the general election (for 'excitement' read 'unremitting gloom') I've shamefully neglected the Eurovision season this year. But I couldn't let the contest go by without at least pitting my wits against other bloggers in the prediction stakes. At this stage two years ago, I correctly predicted all ten qualifiers from the first semi-final (I may possibly have mentioned this once or twice before). Not so hot last year, but seven out of ten was respectable enough. Let's see how I get on this time - in no particular order, these are the ten countries I think will make it through tonight...


I wouldn't have given Finland a prayer when I first heard the song, but I'm guessing the vibrant visual performance and the song's distinctiveness might well be enough. Iceland deserves to fall flat on its face after entering a near carbon-copy of their 2008 effort This Is My Life, but of course almost by definition it has a similar appeal to that song, so I suspect we'll be seeing it again on Saturday night.

As for me - well, for a third year in a row, my heart seems to be with Portugal. I've never even been to Portugal...


  1. Yes, Slovakia could well qualify. It certainly deserves to, although I just wonder if it's a bit too low-key, and there seem to have been some question marks over the rehearsals.

  2. I was flattered with your comment, after many internal controversies about our song... and I agree with James, Slovakia deserves a place in final!

    regards from Portugal!

  3. Potugal is beautiful.... I had a few days in Lisbon, and a few in Madeira, which is associated with Portugal in an historic way, I think... and that I will NEVER forget! Beautiful and fabulous.

  4. rusia????serbia??? please bad taste
    rusia will be in the end of the list.
    spain in top 5 sure.

  5. Hi guys - this was my prediction for Tuesday, not for the final tonight! I was right about Russia in the semis, but wrong about Cyprus. I agree Russia and Serbia are poor songs, but what with the familiar bloc voting I wouldn't be surprised if they both finish mid-table.