Sunday, December 13, 2009

ComRes subsample : Labour edge back into lead

After the contrasting Labour leads in the recent Angus Reid and Populus subsamples, tonight's ComRes figures come in somewhere between the two. A Labour lead of six is also in the midway range between the two recent completely contradictory full-scale Scottish polls from YouGov (15-point Labour lead for Westminster) and Ipsos-Mori (2-point SNP lead for Westminster). Here are the full figures from ComRes -

Labour 32% (+4)
SNP 26% (-4)
Liberal Democrats 22% (+5)
Conservatives 17% (-)
Others 3% (-3)

Also of note is the unusually high showing for the Liberal Democrats, and - at the risk of sounding like a broken record - yet another dismal showing for the Scottish Tories.


  1. Comrade Ezio Auditore da FirenzeDecember 13, 2009 at 3:18 AM

    O/T, but Ezio just has to commend James Kelly for his sterling work in keeping Scotland, and the Left as a whole, represented on the increasingly bigoted and extremist right wing website,

  2. I'm extremely grateful for the supportive words, Comrade Ezio, but ironically I've been thinking over the last few days that it's just become so unpleasant and brutal over there recently that maybe it's time to step away completely, at least for a while. You might have gathered from my slightly self-indulgent previous post that Plato's unprovoked attack on me the other day got under my skin just slightly! The Tory herd couldn't handle it when I made what I thought was a fairly uncontroversial point about the potential question marks over the reliability of the Angus Reid poll (which of course showed the Tories way ahead), and so I started getting the usual abuse about 'Nits' and 'lefties' with some stuff about 'wee Jimma Kelly' thrown in for good measure. They just can't seem to see the irony that they regularly piously lambast the likes of Tim, Gabble and Wage Slave for 'juvenile name-calling'! But then the final straw was when Plato (with whom I have some past history) gratuitously piled in as well, in her trademark passive-aggressive way. Honestly, it's turned into Guido Mark II over the last few weeks and months - it's profoundly depressing just reading the threads even when I don't participate. All you usually see now is post after post of knee-jerk Tory propaganda and foul-mouthed insults about "lefties".

    In a way I don't have a problem with the usual suspects from the herd, because at least they can generally take back what they dish out, but it's the triumvirate of passive-aggressive Tory Ladies (SallyC, ChristinaD, Plato) that are increasingly the scourge of the site, and who seem to have some kind of unofficial mutual defence pact going. More than anyone else they get away with absolute murder on that site, mainly because most of their fellow posters are a) ideological fellow travellers and b) self-perceived 'gallant males', and will therefore never call the three of them out on the absurdities of their rhetoric or on their hypocritical squeals of outrage whenever someone has the impudence to respond in kind to a personal attack from them. I don't know if you saw it the other day when Christina told me that her son had been so appalled by one of my posts (which essentially had pointed out that she wasn't the Queen Mother and that I couldn't reasonably be expected to defer to her as if she was) that he emitted a swearword! She went on to haughtily inform me that she would normally have chastised him for his foul language, but hadn't saw fit to do so on this occasion because she thought his observation was spot-on.

    Anyway, over the last 24-48 hours, I've been getting the latest incidents out of my system by royally winding the herd up with some over-the-top trenchant posts about global warming and Tory toffs! I think that'll be my parting shot for a while, although I'll have to go back there on the day after the general election to settle my latest bet with SeanT, whichever way it goes. So in the meantime I'll leave the SNP cause at PB in the capable hands of Stuart Dickson and Oldnat (and Tom Robinson, Expat and Grandstander). And hopefully Mike Smithson will eventually do the decent thing and reinstate Comrade Ezio!

  3. i agree that the tories on the site are very cocky, need a few more polls and by elections to take them down a peg or two.
    the pb site has changed over the last 2 months, the negativity towards timbo and NPMP has been over the top and if they want a straight tory site then go to Tory Bear or similar.
    ezio still has full of win as far as i am concerned.

  4. Ezio Auditore da FirenzeDecember 13, 2009 at 3:05 PM

    James, if I were you I would step back from the site, now that I think about it. As, in my opinion, should all SNP supporters and supporters of any other party that indentify as being of the left.

    Your presence, as things stands, merely gives some form of legitmacy to the site, whereas, if the few leftists still on the site were to leave, it would be seen for what it is, ConservativeHome with slightly less headbangers.

    Regarding ChristinaD, I think she does, after all, live in her own little universe. Her continual use of fake anecdotes to prove her points stopped annoying me quite a while ago and have started to amuse me.

    But this amusement isn't enough to save PB, for me. In the last few days I've realised that I've been skimming the threads rather than reading them, and with good reason.

    I'm sure Mike doesn't mind what his site has now become, I mean, as long as he's getting the hits and the advertising revenue and the occasional place on a Radio 4 show to talk about polling, he's happy.

    To sum up, James my auld chum, = EPIC FAIL.

    Us nits = FULL OF WIN!