Monday, February 2, 2009

Eurovision preview part 1 - horizontal choreography?

Finland made its selection for Eurovision almost simultaneously with the UK, and this is what they came up with -

Waldo's People
Lose Control

I'm on a critical mission, got my destiny in my hands
Like Peter Piper I take control, put a spell on the mass
I cause hysteria, worry yourself, that's how I roll
It's not a drill, I'm for real, I'm a man who's out of control

As is refreshingly typical at the Eurovision, the above lyrics could be described as 'thought-provoking' and 'challenging' (ie. utter gibberish). Although needless to say I hand-picked what was easily the daftest bit! Perhaps an I Wanna-style makeover by a fluent English speaker is in order.

Of course the video probably bears very little resemblance to what we'll see on stage. Pity, really - we might have thought the contest had exhausted all the conceivable gimmicks over the years, but as far as I'm aware no previous act has utilised the obvious potential of fire, shopping trolleys, woolly hats and horizontal rapping in an anorak.

My thoughts - a very appealing song, moderately catchy, and although we haven't heard the bulk of the entries yet I suspect when we have I'll still think this deserves to qualify for the final. However, I fear it might lack the dynamism it needs to stand out and get the votes. Like the UK, Finland have almost four months to experiment and find the arrangement that will work best on the night.

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