Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Roll of honour

Political Betting/Stormfront Lite's resident pub bore "Carlotta Vance" was beside herself with excitement today after a possible sighting on Twitter of PB's former leading Labour poster Tim - who was hounded off the site a couple of years ago after numerous temporary bannings, and having his personal details revealed without any protection at all from the Tory moderators.  It may or may not be coincidence that one of those moderators (the notorious "TSE", who is currently guest editing in place of Mike Smithson) once lost a bet to Tim but delayed settling it by telling two cynical and contradictory lies about family tragedies.

Ms Vance celebrated the occasion by doing one of her hilarious "let's gloat about the left-wing/pro-independence posters who can't answer back because they've all been banned for no reason LOL LOL LOL LOL" posts. You know the drill by now - the marks of ellipsis indicate the points where you're supposed to be laughing. Gosh, there are a lot of them.

"The spiel sounds familiar.....3,000+ tweets and fewer than 80 followers.....bless.....

Perhaps like the Oscars & BAFTA we should have an 'In Memoriam thread.....

tim 'he rode a horse, shopped in Morrisons, COULSON!!!!!!!!'

Comical 'its a victory for Eck' James

Mick 'SHRIEK!!! You don't understand! Its all about GOTV!' Pork

And then there was Yellow Box Avery, who at least added to the sum of human knowledge, rather than subtracted from it....."

Well, I'm teetotal, so at least I generally leave the UK's stocks of alcohol in a stable state, rather than subtracting from them as someone else seems to be doing on a regular basis.

I've no idea whether this 80-follower Twitter account really is Tim, but I can set Ms Vance's mind at rest about myself and Mick Pork. Scot Goes Pop currently gets an average of 20,000 unique readers per month, which I suspect is considerably more people than ever used to read my posts on PB comment threads. And Mick now posts on numerous high-profile sites. Perhaps we should hold a memorial service for our former anonymity.


  1. Used to read PoliticalBetting, it's unbearable now

  2. Potty Carlotta is one of the most amusingly hysterical tory cheerleaders. (which is saying something) Good to see my piss-taking of her incessant clueless shrieking hit home. ;-)

    Even more hilarious is the right-wing herd lashing out at tim. I presume much of that is motivated by me and tim being proved 100% correct on Coulson and Sheridan. Years ago we said the hacking scandal and Coulson's actions would lead to Perjury charges, to the fury of the idiot PBtory herd. Well guess what? Coulson goes on trial for Perjury mere days before the coward Cameron was scheduled to debate little Ed.


    True, the second rate Blair impersonator Cameron is self-evidently so staggeringly useless he is terrified to debate even a complete dud like little Ed - but I think that Perjury trial (for something Coulson would have done while still being employed as Cameron's spindoctor inside number 10, which, again, me and tim pointed out at the time to the fury of the herd) might, just might, be another big factor contributing to the incompetent fop pissing himself in fear from the debates.

    It's also worth pointing out that tim was at least focused on betting when he posted. Something that can't be said now for Stormfront Lite as it is overwhelmingly a right-wing circle jerk with some half-baked polling 'analysis' that seems to be mostly focused on hyping up the millionaire Ashcroft who looks to be sponsoring Smithson now. (£££ ;-) ) Ashcroft's polls clearly have utility but some of us remember which site made a complete twat of itself by focusing on one polling company to the exclusion of all others with it's "Golden Rule" about Angus Reid in the 2010 election. How did that one turn out again?


    "And Mick now posts on numerous high-profile sites"

    I did even back then but I far have more time to do so should I choose now that I'm not wasting my time on a joke site like Stormfront Lite PB. Truth be told I'm far busier campaigning and will be out again tonight.

    It's a measure of the stupidity of potty Carlotta and the herd that she is completely oblivious to the power of campaigning on the ground after an 85% turnout and the kind of leads we are now seeing for the SNP.

    I can just imagine how 'effective' the various tory twits on PB would be trying to deal with ordinary members of the public in a campaign. Their out of touch efforts would make Malcolm Rifkind look like a down to earth trustworthy figure. :-D

  3. I read a chunk of a PB thread a couple of days ago. Unbearable chunk. All the folk with stimulating insights or valuable tidbits of intelligence left long ago, have been banned or hounded off the site, or visit so infrequently as to be useless.

    Hours and hours of inane Tory twits slapping each other on the back, while their party is still as poisonous as ever.

    1. Thanks for the 50-1 tip in Dunbartonshire East btw - I'd have been a mile underwater there if it wasn't for that :D

      ~ Pulpstar

  4. Also, just to set the PB twits mind at ease on twitter. Friend of mine who goes out canvassing and leafleting with me has a twitter with some 3800 followers. Nor is he alone as many of our team have high numbers and are very active on Facebook.

    We need no lessons from out of touch tory twits on how to campaign digitally as the power of the press and old media like TV declines along with the public's trust in them.

    I have no idea if tim has a twitter account or not but if I were heavily into betting I would certainly take his thoughts on the subject (and indeed Stuart's) far more seriously than Smithson's. It's a measure of just how far gone they are on Stormfront Lite that nobody ever asks just how moral or justifiable it is that Smithson continually boasts of his betting gains while he is self-evidently able to move and change the small political betting market with his sites posts and tweets on the subject. He and his moderator proxies also have early access to embargoed polls. Something they seem all too proud of. The words "conflict of interest" are complete strangers to PB/Stormfront Lite, needless to say. ;-)

    1. Bloody hell. If I was a bookie I wouldn't be taking bets from someone with access to embargoed polls. That's like taking bets on horses from people who work in stables. It's the equivalent of insider trading.

    2. The conventional bookies probably do ban or limit his betting (as they do with anyone who is too successful), but that doesn't really matter to him because limits are never imposed at the betting exchanges.

    3. Oh I'm 100% certain the bookies will try to limit Smithson's official access and betting amounts. I reiterate though, he and his moderator proxies also have early access to embargoed polls. ;-)

  5. Oh good, an Internet Drama post.

    1. Oh good, a Commentor superiority complex reply.

    2. Come the fuck on commentor. James posts on these Stormrfront Lite idiots very infrequently. He has no right to reply to their inane shrieking on PB (thanks to their Orwellian banning 'system') so why shouldn't he set the record straight when he gets lied about by right-wing cretins? James has an admirable focus on polling and has never ceased in serving his readership with his analysis of the most up to date and relevant polls.

      I have no idea how often the imbeciles on Stromfront Lite keep lashing out at those they have hounded off that site but going by their lunatic rantings it's safe to suppose they do it with far more frequency than James spends rebutting them.

    3. Mick, you've a very entertaining posting style, haha!

  6. Early results from Lord Ashcroft today..

    He polled eight Scottish constituencies, 5 Labour, 2 LibDem and the Con seat.

    Results are:

    Ross Skye and Lochaber (21.5% swing to SNP)
    Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk – too close to call (13% swing to SNP)
    Edinburgh SW (SNP 13% ahead)
    W Aberdeen to SNP (25% swing)
    Kirkcaldy/Cowdenbeath to SNP (6% ahead)
    East Renfrewshire –Labour by 1%
    Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock SNP (swing 20%)
    Dumfries & Galloway SNP (swing 20%)

  7. Apologies, BRS should have read Dumfrieshire, Clydebank and Tweedale Mundell's seat not Moore's..

  8. Has anyone seen the headline on the Ashcroft poll in the Herald today?

    "Poll: SNP on course to take Brown, Darling, Kennedy seats...but not Murphy's "

    So that is a winning position for Slab?


  9. Haha just seen this.

    You can add me to the long list of people who have been sent packing from PB for being too non-Tory.

    I know of a good few more too, on top of the ones you've mentioned. Most of them by the creepy Tory campaigner TSE.

    The analysis on this site alone now knocks PB's self-parody of a private Tory gentleman's club into a cocked hat.

  10. Have fun reading these comments you bunch of racists! Why would a man call themselves Carlotta online? Is he transitioning?

  11. Is Christoper Monkton, right wing bigot and lunatic still doing his JackW act?

    1. I don't know JackW's identity, because as I don't live anywhere near the extreme south-eastern corner of this island I was never able to go to one of the PB meet-ups. But unless you have some inside knowledge, I'd be very surprised to learn that Monckton is the culprit. JackW is clueless about Scotland, but even he's not THAT clueless.

  12. Rather more seriously, some individuals have been banned from PB for having the temerity to complain about industrial scale child rape in the country.

    Mr. Jones

    I fully understand that child abusers (and those falsely accused of same) are litigious, but I think a bit more spine is called for if this problem is to be tackled.

  13. So this is where bitter twisted burnt out expelled PB posters come to die is it? An elephants graveyard would seem more interesting.......

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Carlotta.......don't be so bashful next time.......we all love your marks of ellipsis......

    2. Better than than to frequent a site like Stormfront Lite/PB which is mostly run by the odious tory twit TSE. He who tried to welch on a bet by lying about the death of his child. Such lovely people the nasty party has cheerleading them.

  14. No surprise potty Carlotta is as much of a spineless coward as her hero the incompetent fop.

    How's that scottish tory surge coming along by the way? As promising as Cammie's chum and spindoctor Coulson's Perjury Trial?