Friday, August 8, 2014

How was it for you, Darling?

Just to let you know that I have a new article at the International Business Times about Tuesday night's Salmond v Darling debate, and Darling's attempt to sabotage it with a wall of noise about the currency non-issue.  You can read the article HERE.


  1. Excellent article James. Well worth a read. The hysteria and spin from the unionist press and media was entirely to be expected and of little consequence in the real world. They are simply not trusted and with good reason.

    If I may I feel these points from the previous thread are also pertinent and having close family in the forces means it's an issue I take very seriously.

    For all the shrieking about 'plan B' from the BritNats the fact of the matter is currency has a mere 2% salience as the most important issue. This while seemingly endless westminster austerity is the elephant in the room. One which Cameron, Clegg, little Ed and the unionist media are self-evidently terrified of talking about and desperate to ignore.

    Foreign Affairs is just yet another area that No are going to wish they could make the scottish public ignore and the reasons why are well worth setting out on today of all days.

  2. So now Obama is launching air strikes in Iraq with military intervention a reality again.

    This after he promised "no boots on the ground" and promptly sent 300 special forces boots very firmly onto that ground. Has the U.K. sent any special forces boots on the ground? We simply don't know because the Tory Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary and PM won't tell us. Though since we now know just how early it was that the UK sent in boots on the ground to Libya, (current status basket case with widespread carnage - military intervention backfired there too amazingly enough) it's a fairly safe bet that there is.

    The westminster promises that they don't want to start Iraq 2.0 with ever escalating military intervention are starting to sound hauntingly familiar and hollow.

    Case in point.

    "Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says he welcomes the US military intervention in Iraq but insists that Britain's role will be limited to supporting American operations in areas such as refuelling and surveillance"

    Limited for now, not for when this escalates further as it most assuredly will.

    I recall saying air-strikes and military intervention were next when Iraq exploded into full-scale bloodshed yet again. I also recall the westminster press and media pretending such a thing was hugely unlikely and we shouldn't worry about it.

    Turns out they were full of shit. Who would have guessed it?

    Do scots really want to get dragged into endless wars in the middle east for the next 10, 20, 30 years? At the cost of the deaths of ever more young scots servicemen and women? With our 'reward' being a pat on the head from the U.S. President to whatever idiot UK P.M. is in power at the time?

    I somehow don't think so. I'm also 100% certain that Westminster's Plan B for Iraq will not impress the scottish public either.

  3. James Dahling, Perfect!

  4. This was the most blatant pack of lies and denials and accusations yet from the YES camp. Salmond has no plan B or so he says. If he did have and it was common knowledge why would he refuse to give it on TV. Do you really expect any sane person to actually believe the utter nonsense that Salmond says??

  5. Smithson jnr will need to mop the floor over at Stormfront Lite as the divine farage announces his planned anschluss of Thanet South and the herd wet themselves in UKIP ecstasy.

  6. "Salmond has no plan B or so he says."

    If he has said that, can you provide a quote or a link? All I can remember him saying is that the Fiscal Commission have provided a Plan B, C, D and E, as indeed they have.

  7. "Do you really expect any sane person to actually believe the utter nonsense that Salmond says?? "

    I expect the scottish public to be a far more intelligent than the type of BritNat twats who believed this obvious bullshit.

    "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

    Turns out Salmond and the scottish public were right not to believe the lies. While the westminster media and teh tory and labour parties who voted the Iraq war through were fucking imbeciles.

  8. Brilliant piece James. Thanks.

  9. Superb timing from little Ed Miliband as he comes to scotland to dazzle us all with yet more half-hearted jam tomorrow promises and inept scaremongering, if only he could win an election.

    CON moves into the lead with Populus online Con 36 (+1), Lab 35 (-2), LD 9 (=), UKIP 11 (-1).

    At least little Ed can console himself that Kinnock managed to cling on to power after he lost. I don't think that's going to be quite as reassuring to SLAB and their supporters though. To be fair a great many in scottish Labour knew little Ed was a dud long ago and I'm not talking about the Blairites but the sensible honest ones.

  10. I'm quite liking your direct style Mick Pork!

    Sadly James' piece was a rare gem from the usually awful IBT.

    Lianna Brinded's work makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.

    Give her the full Mick treatment please!

  11. Thinking about this CU denial by the Unionists strengthens the hand of the SNP after a yes victory as they can delay entering into that discussion until other issues are dealt with. This will mean that the markets will pressure the rUK over this issue due to jitters in the City until it is resolved.

    The latest chart topper from the Milliband is no CU written in the future Labour manifesto!

  12. Thinking about this CU denial by the Unionists strengthens the hand of the SNP after a yes victory as they can delay entering into that discussion until other issues are dealt with. This will mean that the markets will pressure the rUK over this issue due to jitters in the City until it is resolved.

    The latest chart topper from the Milliband is no CU written in the future Labour manifesto!

    ps delete if double post appears please.

  13. Lovin' your work, James, Mwah x

  14. Well if anybody thinks Alistair Darling did the yes camp a huge favour they were clearly watching a different debate.Everybody including staunch yes voters at my workplace could not believe how bad Alex Salmond was.Everybody thought Salmond needs to tell us what we will have if a currency union dioes not happen.You can take a leap of faith but I can assure the debate on Tuesday was a very bad night for yes and Salmond

  15. @Davey James.

    You find that piece irritating? Really? It's a 10 minute cut and paste job with a few rent-a-quotes. Standard 'better together' propaganda. Instantly forgettable with zero insight of the scottish voter.

    It's not even worth a more "direct" rebuttal and to be fair the only comment on the piece beautifully recreates the quality of the 'journalism' displayed while giving a flavour of the motives that may have been behind it.

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    Little Ed is probably banking on the fact that few people remember Kinnocks pledges either. For that matter the manifestos get finalised and launched next April so plenty of time for that to be 'tweaked' after the referendum.

    Personally I can't wait for Clegg's manifesto pledge on the same thing. If that doesn't persuade scots they really mean it then what will? :-D

  16. "Well if anybody thinks Alistair Darling did the yes camp a huge favour they were clearly watching a different debate"

    So you simply don't remember that the debate was preceded by a massive PR stunt where Cameron, Clegg and little Ed signed a pledge for a few 'jam tomorrow' powers along with their obedient underlings in the scottish branches of their parties. Curious? It was all over the news.

    How do you think an issue like currency, that a tiny 2% of scots find most important, compares with an issue like more powers for scotland? An issue which Darling made such a complete mess of the audience roared with laughter at him.

    Salmond beat Darling on the undecideds. The already staunch voters on both sides are not going to change their minds. Or didn't you realise that?

  17. Or you can catch this excellent article syndicated over onto yahoo and have fun in the comments section!:

  18. 2% of Scots worry about what currency we use.You can use the pound dollar etc, without a central bank to undermione your currency you are as well with wee bawbees in your pocket.You live in the fantasy world.Salmond di you huge damage in the debate but don't take my word for it.Go read your own side and what they say. Lesley Riddoch, Jim Sillars, Ian McWhirter. Did you see the faces on the MSP's behind Salmond at FMQ's.Normally they are laughing like hyenas. Not yesterday they were not.Good luck. Roll on 18-9-14

  19. "2% of Scots worry about what currency we use"


  20. "Little Ed"

    Has the honour of being rated lower than David Cameron by the Scots electorate.

    That's really quite something.

  21. "You live in the fantasy world."

    The one where there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

    You picked the WRONG fucking day to put all your trust in the word of westminster politicians like Darling chum. Darling was 100% behind the war in Iraq and seemed happy to keep scaremongering about those strangely elusive WMD.

    So do you seriously think little Ed and 'better together' are laughing like hyenas now that Iraq is being attacked with UK help again?

    Or maybe it's the poll showing the tories winning that has the No campaign splitting their sides and chortling away? Since we all know the scottish public will just love the looming prospect of yet another tory government at westminster. Won't they?

  22. Eh? Ian McWhirter who has never formally came out for Yes, did so today.

    The polls showed that of the undecided (you understand that it is these voters who will win or lose the referendum for Yes)
    showed that among these undecideds 55% said they were more likely to vote Yes as a result of the debate against 44% No.

    Of the ones who said they were not changed 76% said Alex Won!!!

    Don't know how to break this to you buddy, but Alex won where it mattered...among the undecideds!

  23. O/T Alan Roden tweeting that there's a Survation independence poll coming out tomorrow, in the Daily Mail.

  24. @Patrick Roden

    He confirmed yesterday in the first few minutes here.

    Referendum TV Live 07/08

  25. "Little Ed"

    Has the honour of being rated lower than David Cameron by the Scots electorate.

    That's really quite something.

    Isn't it though?

    All those Labour voters in scotland who wanted an actual Labour leader have pretty much had it with him by now. You certainly can't blame them.

    I well remember little Ed's flying visits to scotland in 2011 to 'sort it out' when things began to go pear shaped.

    That worked well needless to say.

    I've always called him little Ed because he's such a minor political figure. No vision, no big ideas, no charisma, no long term tactical or strategic nouse and most tellingly of all, no discernable strong beliefs.

    Ultimately I like to think of little Ed as the political equivalent of a nuisance caller trying to sell you a limited offer on cheap energy who keeps calling you just as you are sitting down to a nice meal with your family.


    What little Ed had in abundance though was the cunning, ruthless streak and in-depth political knowledge of the labour party structure and key personalities utterly necessary now to win a leadership election.

    Which is also what Cameron and Clegg excelled in doing. Winning leadership elections. Which is also precisely why they are all as unpopular and incompetent as they are.

    Being an expert at winning a leadership election is very, very far from being an expert at winning a GE or being an effective leader of a political party. Yet that is the only way to the top at westminster now as the none too subtle Boris leadership positioning reminded us all this week.

    I'd guess most of the regulars have seen it but in case there are a few who haven't this was Wings very much on form as they showed the 'better together' Plan "B".

    Just a bit more scary to scots than the minutia of currency practicalities and negotiations.

  26. Patrick : Well, the Survation poll obviously shows some kind of increase in the No lead since the one last week, because Ruth Davidson and Rob Murray have retweeted Roden. (Although to be honest I could have worked that out from Roden's eagerness to talk about the poll so early in the evening.)

  27. Yeah well the polls also showed the tories beating Labour today.

    It's also just emerged that Cameron hasn't ruled out and is considering airstrikes and military action in Iraq.

    That's bound to go down well with scottish voters as the carnage inevitably escalates.

  28. My jaw just hit the floor as a supposedly impartial BBC presenter wonder out loud whether the public really want to read about depressing things like Iraq in the papers.

    This was on the BBC News channel. NEWS CHANNEL. Jeeeesus!

  29. Go read the Survation poll.Go on read it.Something that everybody knew.Salmond was a disaster.8 point increase for no.68% want a plan B but of course the nats say it is 2%.I really do hope he keeps this up until 18th september.I hope he and the nats put their heads between their legs and hope it all goes away.Go on have a read and welcome to the real world

  30. Silly, silly boy. The increase in the No vote shown by Survation is 4% (which means it is potentially margin of error noise), not 8%. Inventing numbers won't do your campaign any favours, you know.

  31. Survation before Alex's disaster

    41% Yes 46% No

    Today afetr the disaster

    37% Yes No 50%

    Lead before was 5%

    Lead afetr Alex's disaster 13%

    Lead up 8 points

    Silly silly boy pull your head out of the ground and face reality.Your man was terrible and got gubbed hence SNP are briefing against him.Come on Nicola step forward

  32. "8 point increase for no."

    "Lead up 8 points"

    You're clearly too dopey a twit to understand the difference, but rest assured there is a difference. As anyone with an IQ greater than a cabbage would have known.

    You made a twat of yourself and didn't understand the poll headline figure. Accept it and suck it up dipshit.

    Though since you have such a problem with the truth, perhaps you can help out Darling and tell us all what he should say next debate on this subject when it comes up.

    Why did you support the Iraq War and why did you scaremonger about Weapons of Mass Destruction Mr Darling?

    With UK special forces boots on the ground, and airstrikes now on the table, I'm afraid he is going to asked about Iraq. Whether you Britnat twats like it or not.

  33. Even if we're ultra-generous and assume he was talking about the lead, he's even wrong about that - it's not up 8 points.

  34. Mick Pork
    My respect for Alex Salmond relates to his opposition to the Iraq War. He was the only leading politician to oppose this war. He was right then and was vilified by the MSM in much the same way as he is now.

    He was right to oppose this illegal war which has destabilised the whole Middle East and has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    He is right to support the right of the Scottish people to self determination.

    Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair should be facing war crimes proceedings - not trying to deny democracy for their "home" country.

  35. A few pointers for the deluded yes voters:
    1. The last major cull of Scottish people a mere 70 years ago, was by our lords and masters in the EU, the Germans.The English supported Scotland into not becoming a Nazi state.

    2. The EU and unrestricted migraton is destroying Scottish jobs particularly the low skilled ones.

    3.Salmonds beloved Poland is a police state and most Polish people despise the state and do their best to screw it. And Salmond wants more over here so they can screw Scotland even more whils providing cheap labour for his mates. I doubt many nationalists know anything about all of this, as most of these parochial idiots have never ventured out of their towns let alone Scotland.
    The best thing for Scotland is to stay in the UK and get the hell out of the EU.