Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is something that happens nowhere else in the world

Spotted at the BBC's "live blog of the royal baby celebrations" (give me strength) -

"As a British expat living in East Germany and married to a Ukrainian I couldn't feel more proud and happy to be British right now!"

Yeah, 'cos we Brits can actually deliver a baby. Take that, East Germany and Ukraine!


  1. Hardly unexpected though James. As silly the media squeeing over figurehead celeb-royals is it's being tempered in the tabloids by their realisation that if they overstep the mark on this one they will find themselves in deep, deep trouble.

    Hence their frenzy on the baby while they still can.

    I actually find much of the coverage a source of amusement because you can see some of the reporters are embarrassed over the kind of infantilisation of their reporting of this shocking 'news'.

    In the real world it will sell some papers but most will just shrug and get on with their lives. The likes of BBC going so over the top merely helps irritate more people than it enthuses. At least the Royals were kind enough to have the child during silly season where this kind of 'reporting' belongs.

  2. has anybody asked how she managed to a have a baby and still be pregnant? Most women in my experience shrink after squeezing out a sproglet.