Friday, December 7, 2012

John McTernan has a butler, or the kitten gets it

A couple of years ago, I did a brief round-up of the more unusual search engine queries that had led unsuspecting surfers to this blog. I thought it was high time for a more comprehensive list, although believe it or not this is merely the family-friendly edition...

Annabel Croft hates Greg Rusedski

Deadly weapons big breasts

Do 81% of North Sea revenues belong to England?

Does Alex Salmond have a personal trainer? (Again, my guess would be no.)

Giraffes AV Prescott

Have you got the guts to vote SDP?

How do I get the best sexual experience with an escort in Indianapolis?

I hate First Buses

If Scotland goes independent who pays there unemployed

Is it wrong I payed a cleaner for sex?

Is Annabel Croft a homophobe

Is Barry Manilow a democrat

Is Scotland more violent than us

James Kelly MSP not doing so well

Johann Lamont Krankie

John McTernan does he have a butler

Ku Klux Klan unicycle fairy

Muscular women popping

Naked Goes Pop

Naked News with Jim Kelly

Naked pictures of women from Wick, Caithness

No2AV kittens

Or the kitten gets it

One million Scots to crush

Painted toenail experiences in public

Rambling topless

Say er er er er er say la la la la la

Scottish are inferior to English

The SNP should be banned

Tom Harris moderator on Labour Hame?
(Surely not!)

What is the meaning of tae in tae think again

Who is Plato from PoliticalBetting?
(Answer : As a "libertarian with a fiscal conservative twist", Plato has the distinction of being Britain's most representative "floating voter", and is someone who Labour must "win back" to have "any chance" of winning the next general election. She is also noted for "never reading" this blog, contrary to the grossly misleading impression given by her familiarity with the contents of this blog. She has done 248 jobs in her relatively short working life, and has naturally signed the Official Secrets Act. Were you really expecting a name?)

Why don't people go to the moon

You allowed on Facebook with electronic tagging?

Alex Salmond English can leave our country alone haggis


  1. Ha ha, love these James.It's like reading a surreal mixture of Daily Mash t-shirt logos and the titles listed under "possible" on the Call Kaye programme list for 2013.

  2. My favourites were:

    You allowed on Facebook with electronic tagging? (I note you haven't provided an answer to that.);

    Painted toenail experiences in public;

    Naked pictures of women from Wick, Caithness (what?);

    Rambling topless (in Scotland????);

    Muscular women popping;

    Naked Goes Pop;

    Naked News with Jim Kelly;

    (Can I just point out that I've never noticed any nudity on the blog at all.)

    And finally...

    How do I get the best sexual experience with an escort in Indianapolis? (something I have often pondered myself.)

    I think that you should share with us the family unfriendly ones (after 9 o'clock of course).

  3. They would make good film titles too. Plato!? Oh dear, I now now why I don't visit PB on a regular basis anymore.

  4. I think Plato's worst habit, (apart from claiming to be too poor to heat her house after turning down a £20,000 pay rise in on of her many jobs) is calling people by their first names as though she actually knows them. Olympic medallists, royalty, TV persons. All on first name terms with some sad old cat lady. I doubt it.

  5. Meanwhile, and Google isn’t much help here, what I’d like to know is: why is Scottish Labour so silent on the ‘British’ riots currently taking place in Northern Ireland? Funny that.

  6. According to the David Torrance biography, Alex Salmond did have a personal trainer at one point - it was a military man if I remember right, trying to help him lose weight.

    If you watch the old pre-referendum debate on Youtube Alex does look fighting fit and reasonably handsome. He also has more charisma than all the other guests put together - it's amazing to watch how he could work a crowd in those days. No wonder his opponents are worried.

  7. >>Ku Klux Klan unicycle fairy

    Well that's my new band name sorted!

  8. Plato from PB is also a sad little NF racist. Just like most of the posters, and it must be said the owner of said website.

    Is their total hatred for Scots due to terror of england's impending nonentity status post independence?

  9. I'm somewhat disappointed it wasn't 'John McTernan does he have a brain?'

    Speaking of which, the idiots on Political Rightwing are to be laughed at as the self-parody of right wingers they so clearly are. They should never, ever be taken seriously.

    Pluto's gormless hypocrisy and dimwittedness are merely a symptom of allowing a partisan tory coward moderate and delete so many views and posts critical of the tories and to left of himself.

    "Were you really expecting a name?)"

    As fitting and ironic as it would be to name her and her cowardly moderator chum (after she did the same to another poster on PB) we shouldn't stoop to her level. Unless we are forced to.