Monday, June 20, 2011

Political Betting's Plato : "you are a creepy weird stalker and a tiresome upyourself jerk"

I've just been on the receiving end of another pleasantry from Plato, the Poster of the Year (yes, really!) at Sometimes commentary simply isn't required...

"Let me make this perfectly clear.

You are a creepy weird stalker who writes blog posts about me, makes gratuitous accusations that you don’t back up and most hilariously claim to know all about the class based admissions criteria of Oxbridge despite knowing nothing about it and being corrected at length by those who know it first hand such as Lucian Fletcher.

You are the worst advert the SNP could ever have on PB. SLABers must be laughing everytime you post. Other SNPers like malcolmg or oldnat are funny or smart or well informed - you are a tiresome upyourself jerk.

There - not passive aggressive at all

I have no problem in saying exactly what I think when I choose to - I think you are a sad last word w*nker - I restrain from usually saying so as its not very nice.

[telling you what most PBers think but are also too polite to say so.]

Mods - you may wish to remove this post - no probs if so."

UPDATE (Tuesday, 7am) : I missed this one yesterday (well, how could I resist the direct invitation?)...

"Are you still at this? You’re living right up to your Last Word W*nker moniker, aren’t you?

What was passive aggressive exactly? You avoided my direct question on the other thread and are still boring the arse off everyone else yet again.

You’ve made an allegation - back it up with EVIDENCE not your opinion, or your usual pathetic ‘I’ve already said this/not stooping to your level/can’t you read/refer to someone else’ non-answer crap.

Have you noticed that NO ONE has jumped to say ‘oh James, you’re so right’?

Now you can either claim this is all some Tory PB conspiracy against you or deduce that you’re a sad tw*t.

How about £50 at evens that you aren’t POTY 2011. I won’t be in the contest so you can sure my ‘fan club’ has to choose someone else.

I can hear SLABers and STories plotting against you already.

Your blog readers will enjoy your edited version of this post too"

On the "sad tw*t" v "Tory PB conspiracy" forced choice, call me egotistical but I find the Tory PB conspiracy possibility considerably more plausible. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the "edited" jibe refers to the fact that I removed one letter from the word "w*nker". She can now add "tw*t" to the ever-growing list of North Korean-style censorship on this blog.


  1. Wow. And I thought your Yank gun pals were offensive cretins.

  2. How the hell did Plato get "poster of the year" on

    She epitomises how the site has become a horribly one-sided parade of often quite nasty Tory opinion.

    Shame, as it used to be a lot more balanced but a lot of the left wing posters can't be bothered with the levels of hate any more.

  3. Hi James , to be honest it's not the scary bullying of Plato that worries me so much as "her gang" of supporters.

    To suggest an equivalence between your posts and hers is insane when you look at the language she uses.

    Well done for persevering and injecting some unwelcome intelligence on their threads as it's more than apparent that they want rid of you.

  4. Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Standing up for James KellyJune 20, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    To your friends on the left, you are a hero!

    To inspire such levels of hatred from the right takes great intelligence and morality...keep it up!

    Use Ezio as your inspiration!

  5. Many thanks, guys! Ezio, as a matter of interest, I was wondering if you were back on PB under a new name? I thought I recognised aspects of your inimitable prose style the other day. (You don't need to answer that if it would blow your cover!)

  6. Outrageous diatribe: Rantings of a fishwife.

  7. lol, Genghis the cat woman in meltdown!

  8. Ezio Auditore da FirenzeJune 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    Unfortunately it isn't, James.

    The last time I made an effort to make a stand against right wing bigotry I was unceremoniously banned by the powers that be!

    Not that I'm missing much, it seems every time I see fit to look at the site it drifts further and further to the right. I used to refer to it as 'Conservative Home for Extremists''s now pretty much Guido for extremists!

  9. Ah, that's a pity, Ezio. After the news about Edwin Morgan broke, I saw a post that read "what an amazing country, even our poets are millionaires", and I thought to myself "aha, this could be the maestro back at work"!

    Yes, the situation at PB is getting even worse, if that's humanly possible. It's difficult to know whether to laugh or cry when Plato thinks that by saying "look James, no-one here is agreeing with you" she is somehow 'refuting' my claim that she has helped to drive most of the left-wing posters away!

    For all his faults, one of the few people capable of standing up to Plato is Tim, but he is only allowed to post on PB on strict condition that he doesn't reply to her posts - a rule which she of course eagerly 'self-polices' at every turn. And yet Plato herself can naturally abuse other posters in foul-mouthed fashion with complete impunity, and indeed can post Tim's full name and home address out of spite without any action being taken. It's an utterly extraordinary spectacle.

  10. Hi James

    I was interested to see your comments on PB, re plato and others. I was a regular contributor, (Coldstone) taking an idiosyncratic leftish stance. For reasons I've never understood I was banned. I think MS just got fed up with me criticising the Coalition.

    RW posters are tolerated despite abusing anyone who disagrees with them, but if someone on the left goes down that road, you are either banned or driven off.

  11. 'How the hell did Plato get "poster of the year" on'

    Mostly because it annoyed the hell out of Rod Crosby and tim but also because of the stupid rule banning previous winners from being considered. If you cant vote for who you want you may as well vote to discredit the system.

  12. Hi Coldstone, sorry to hear you were banned. The bannings do seem to be almost random sometimes - every time anyone asked why Stuart Dickson had been banned, for instance, Mike would give a different answer, and none of the answers were terribly plausible. Heaven only knows why Ezio was banned, because most of his contributions were humorous, and well-received even by the usual suspects.

  13. Hi James

    I think I was banned at the same time as Stuart, Mike never gave me a reason, he just threw a wobbly.

    I wear my ban as a badge of honour.