Sunday, February 21, 2010

ComRes subsample : SNP storm into lead

I haven't been covering subsamples so much of late, but given the unanticipated new passion for them that the press and our friends in the Tory blogosphere have been exhibiting over the last few days, this one really can't pass without comment. For the first time since late November, a ComRes poll is showing the SNP back in an outright lead over Labour. Here are the full figures -

SNP 34% (+9)
Labour 27% (-7)
Conservatives 22% (+5)
Liberal Democrats 11% (-5)
Others 6% (-1)

These numbers are even more startling given that, in the same poll, Labour have cut the Conservatives' GB-wide lead to just eight points. Labour are down twelve points in Scotland on their 2005 general election share, compared to just a six point drop across Britain as a whole.


  1. This poll is just as useless as the ones that show the SNP 15 behind.

    Is BBC Scotland bigging up the bullying tactics of Brown, or is that being whitewashed.

    3 people complaining to a helpline, a brave thing to do, and a sign of deperation, is a REAL story, and in the real world might warrant a serious investigation.

    Imagine if it was Salmond who was acting psychotic what the Beeb in Glasgow would be doing now............

  2. I am afraid this is too small a sample to be meaningful. I really, really wish it was.

  3. I know, Douglas. The point I was making is that if this one is dismissed as meaningless, then so are the others (YouGov and Angus Reid) our Tory friends were gloating about not so long before!