Sunday, May 10, 2009

I can spot an anti-UK agenda when I see one

If ever I worried my cynicism about Keith Mills of All Kinds of Everything fame went a little too far, he's yet again set my mind at rest that it doesn't with his latest unfunny diatribe about a UK Eurovision entry. Anyone who has read the political posts on this blog will instantly understand why I'm ideally qualified to spot an anti-UK agenda when I see one (ie. I've got one myself), and Keith ticks all the boxes. I did actually make that point to him last year, and he responded that it was complete nonsense, citing his support for the 2005 UK entry (Touch My Fire by Javine) as proof. I do recall that, but I have to say I'm not convinced. The impression I get is that if the UK comes up with an excellent entry that happens to be to his own taste, he's swept along with his enthusiasm for it (as I think all Eurovision fans are with a good song regardless of country). But in every other circumstance, he reverts to his comfortable default position which is that the UK song is unremittingly awful, the weakest in years, no-one in Ireland will vote for it, a contender for last place, etc, etc. These prejudiced 'blind spots' in his annual analysis are such a pity, because in many other ways Keith has the best coverage of the contest on the internet. Fortunately, his regular co-bloggers Andrew and Peter are free of Keith's agenda and both see the UK as a potential winner. For me, not quite - but definite top five.

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