Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where are the good guys?

I'm slightly wondering if I'll become as hooked on The Apprentice as I have in previous years. I know the general loathsomeness of the candidates is all part of the fun, but you need at least one or two good guys to cheer on. By this stage last year, I seem to recall I'd already become an instant die-hard Lucinda Ledgerwood fan, but her equivalent this time round isn't leaping out at me. The only one who shows a little bit of encouraging eccentricity is the American, who I fully expected to despise until she suggested calling the girls' team something like "Shazaam!". Ah, she's doomed, a touch of imagination and wit never gets you anywhere in the business world (not that Sir Alan Sugar's opinion has got anything to do with the business world).

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