Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unionist raps SNP for not being isolationist enough

AM2's latest wheeze is to claim that it's somehow an appalling thing for the SNP to have international alliances with parties that share similar objectives. I take it therefore he'll be as even-handed as ever, and call for Labour's immediate withdrawal from both the Socialist International and Party of European Socialists? Well, possibly not. He interprets the SNP's (perfectly natural) fraternal relations with the Parti Québécois as support for the 'dismantling of Canada'. Hmmm. So does the Liberal Democrats' relationship with the federalist Canadian Liberals (or the Tories' relationship with the federalist Canadian Conservatives) mean that the unionist parties can be similarly accused of outrageously seeking to deny the nation of Quebec its right to democratic self-determination?

Back on planet Earth, parties routinely build up international alliances with the parties which in broad terms they are in philosophical agreement with. It does not imply an automatic endorsement for every element of the other party's programme, and it most certainly does not imply any interference in another country's domestic affairs.