Sunday, February 8, 2009

Support for independence up 3%

A new TNS/System Three poll for the Sunday Herald has shown that support for independence has risen to 38%, up from 35% in October, while there has been a concurrent fall of 3% in support for the status quo, which now stands at 40%.

First thought that entered my head - how on earth will AM2/Scottish Unionist cope with the reality of this poll? After all, it's only a matter of days since he ran the hysterical headline "Independence is a busted flush". I fear he may ignore it, but perhaps I'm being too cynical. I'll set him a challenge - why doesn't he simply update this table he used in his post to illustrate the 'collapse' in support for independence :

10 Apr 2008: Progressive Scottish Opinion/Daily Mail – 41%
13 Apr 2008: TNS System Three/Herald – 41%
07 July 2008: TNS System Three/Herald – 39%
11 July 2008: YouGov/Telegraph – 36%
08 Sep 2008: YouGov/Sunday Times – 34%
26 Oct 2008: YouGov/Sunday Times – 31%
30 Jan 2009: YouGov/Sunday Times – 29%

Of course, anyone who has closely followed the polling on independence will know that this table was always grossly misleading, because Progressive Scottish Opinion and TNS System Three have typically - for whatever reason - shown a much higher level of support for independence than YouGov. But fair's fair - if that's the method of comparison he likes, support for independence has just rocketed by an astonishing 9% since the last YouGov poll.

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