Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eurovision preview part 2 - Turkey

Düm tek tek

"Baby, you're perfect for me
You are my gift from heaven
This is the greatest story
Of all times"

Always thought the nativity was over-rated.

Interesting that this was the only one of the batch selected so far that caught Andrew Lloyd-Webber's eye, although of course what really caught his eye was Hadise's bare midriff. Yep, it's another belly-dancing song from Turkey - but to be fair the EBU do recommend that countries incorporate elements of their culture into the song, and belly-buttons are always going to be marginally sexier than Whirling Dervishes. But the Sertab Erener formula is highly unlikely to work this time. The song completely lacks - and I'll have to use that word again - dynamism, and isn't even especially catchy. Barring an extreme makeover (quite possible of course), I can't see this making the final.

One (very minor) positive - it's nice to see a little bit of Turkish in the lyrics, even if it's only a token three words!

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