Friday, November 26, 2021

News on Craig Murray's release, plus a weary reply to Ipsos-Mori's in-house identity politics extremist

I've been meaning to post this since an email I received about it four days ago, so I hope the information isn't out of date by now!  Craig Murray is expected to be released from prison on St Andrew's Day (next Tuesday) at around 10am.  There's an open invitation for all independence supporters to attend a rally at that time outside Saughton.  Craig will hopefully get an opportunity to make a statement for the media.

It'll be a tremendous relief if Craig gets back home more or less in one piece.  The big concern was always that he has several health conditions and that he might not make it through a few months in prison, particularly in the context of a pandemic - and some would argue that was the whole purpose of inappropriately incarcerating him in the first place.


  1. I'm ashamed to say I used to take McGeoghegan seriously. I was probably taken in by The National billing him for a while as "an expert pollster", but as you say, he is actually an extremist using his qualifications and limited professional experience as cover for hardcore woke propaganda.

  2. Great news about Craig!

  3. James you might be correct in using 'incapable' but he is certainly unwilling. The very definition of prejudiced. Best move was to block him and leave him shouting at the mirror. He is not worth the time of day.

  4. For a moment I was going to suggest that you lodge an official complaint with Ipsos Mori about his behaviour, but then I realised I was being a bit of a twit. You'd have every good reason to complain, of course, but they'd just ignore it.

  5. I, too, am bemused at Mark McGeoghegan's role at Ipsos MORI given the way he continues to act on social media. Normally you'd expect a disclaimer along the lines of "my views are not those of my employer". There is no such disclaimer. But even if there were a disclaimer, you'd also expect his posts to be, in practice, somewhat tempered. Instead he abuses and mocks people to his heart's delight, and expresses highly provocative political opinions. I can only think of three possible explanations for Ipsos MORI letting him do this:

    1 - They don't know what he's doing.

    2 - They know what he's doing but for some reason are too scared to stop him.

    3 - They actually approve of what he's doing because Ipsos MORI has itself been subject to institutional capture by Stonewall or radical trans activism.

    Option 3 would be by far the most worrying of the lot.

    1. I think you (James I mean, not Anon) should take up the suggestion of complaining to Ipsos. Even if as Dave says they ignore the complaint, at least they wouldn't be able to claim later on that no-one has ever raised concerns about the guy's behaviour.

  6. John REDACTOR MAN Swinney moaning about Tories in Westminster attacking Scottish Parliament devolution powers. Well John perhaps you should have done a better job in the Smith Commission.

    Anyway what's the problem John aren't you going to get independence any day soon?

  7. Mike HORSEBOX MAN Russell says people like me are bitter. Spot on Mike. I am bitter. Bitter that self confessed gradualists ( = devolutionists = unionists ) like you have taken over the SNP and will never deliver Scottish independence. Being bitter is a very appropriate response.

    In the eight page independence supplement both Mike HORSEBOX MAN Russell and Shona Robison have their say. Shona criticises the Tories and says they can't be trusted with the NHS. That's you Mike.