Friday, September 10, 2021

Alba NEC nominations update, and analysis piece in The National

So a couple of things.  First of all, my sincere thanks to all Alba members who nominated me for one of the male places on the party's National Executive Committee.  I reached the required threshold, so I'll be on the ballot over the weekend.  Anyone who is registered for the conference will be entitled to vote between 12pm tomorrow and 5pm on Sunday, and it looks like it'll be an online vote conducted by STV (so voters rank the candidates in order of preference). 

One of the reasons I gave for putting myself forward was to give delegates the widest possible choice, and that's certainly how it's worked out - there are thirty candidates altogether, fourteen on the female ballot, and sixteen on the male ballot.  So actually getting elected will be a very tall order, but rest assured I'll be giving it my best shot anyway with some shameless self-promotion (and a mini-'manifesto') later today or tomorrow morning!

Secondly, I have an analysis piece in The National about yesterday's remarkable Opinium poll showing an outright pro-independence majority.  You can read it HERE.

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Scot Goes Popcast: You can watch the full videos of my recent interviews with Yvonne Ridley and William Duguid HERE and HERE


  1. A quite restrained and well written piece in the National James, very nicely done.

  2. Well done James on getting on the ballot. Best of luck over the weekend.

    Scotland needs a successful Alba party.

    One of many things I detest about the WGD numpties led by Kavanagh is their great delight in Alba getting no MSPs in May. They truly wanted more Labour/LibDem/and Tories in Holyrood. The SNP should rename itself the BDP - British Devolution Party - home of the numpties led by a despot.

    It looks like if the HOOP demo at the Scottish Parliament in 2018 was to take place again people would be charged and possibly fined by the police. Similarly, if an AUOB was to pass by the Parliament as it has now been declared off limits for any demonstrations. I guess Sturgeon doesn't the like getting booed and like any despot uses her power to clamp down on demos.

    Sturgeons Scotland.

  3. James, I enjoy your articles but object to paying the National as I believe they are not 100% in our corner. It would be nice to see the full article, can you do that? Good luck on the NEC ballot

    1. is your friend. Copy the article link and paste it into under 'I want to search the archive for saved snapshots'.

  4. For goodness sake James the liar Skier is third comment in on your article in the National.


    Now I don't really mention Blackford much and the fact that he has said for the nth time things like " Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against its will." and proven to be like Sturgeon just full of empty promises. Blackford has clearly modelled himself on Wishart and likes the sound of his own voice but actually achieves nothing.

    Here is Blackford back in March of this year - "The SNP will vote against the Tory Police Bill, which imposes disproportionate restrictions on our freedom of expression and right to protest."

    Oh is that right Ian you mean like the ban on demos/protests at Holyrood that your party has just imposed. What a hypocrite.

  6. Tuned in to the SNP conference. Didn't take long before I tuned out. Watching my MP Oswald didn't help but watching a countdown clock finished it for me. Platitudes and a clock from the SNP. If I wanted to watch countdown the real thing is on the telly.


      Hamish 100 ( a long term numpty) basically says the same as me - boring conference.

      Hamish sums it up better than me: "Listening to SNP conference. How boring can you make it? I think I will log into a meeting on incontinence at least I might learn something for the future. Surely it has to improve? Give us something like Independence vote in 2022 whether the Unionists like it or not."

      Oh Hamish I feel your pain. How many years can the numpties keep believing Indyref2 is just around the corner. Poor old Hamish is immediately taken to task by the sites new headmistress Capella.

      Capella says " Come come Hamish 100. That was a well managed online conference with some good resolutions passed overwhelmingly. Onward and upward.

      What were you expecting? Herds of wildebeest galloping across the plains?"

      Well Capella perhaps Hamish was expecting something about Scottish independence.

      That's poor old Hamish put back in his box marked "numpty". Any dissent is not allowed on WGD or in the SNP.

      I almost feel sorry for Hamish. But as ever it is comedy gold on the old folks home called WGD.


      Remarkably Hamish climbs out his box and boldly says to Capella:

      "That would have been interesting.

      Passing resolutions overwhelmingly may not be a good thing. Labour and Tories do it all the time."

      Is Hamish starting to see that the SNP is acting like a Britnat party?

      A wee bit of dissent there Hamish. Capella will send you to the naughty step for that.

  7. The comedy gold from the WGD numpties just keeps on coming. Kavanagh should rename his site THE COMEDY CLUB.

    The liar Skier goes on a long rant about how Alba failed etc etc then ends it by saying- "I hope this is seen as constructive criticism and not an attack on a yes party. Those attacking other yessers do no good, as WGD rightly says."

    This is followed by a couple of other numpties ( the nasty numpty Dr Jim and Grizebard the numpty who believes Alba do not understand the AMS for Holyrood) then attacking Alba.

    Comedy gold from the numpties.