Monday, May 3, 2021

VIDEO: Preview of Monday night's question in the Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll


  1. Cool video - rhythm of life - unique (cafés, public parks, Mount Everest) - more laddie. Well done - unique?

  2. When I was young, we used to sit on the Hope Rooms steps (your twitter masthead pic) smoking cigarettes. Gullane beach or Yellowcraigs was for summer beach parties.

    Spent my formative years in North Berwick, having been the son of economic migrants from the Highlands as thatcher ruined the economy (no work for civil engineers in the 80s highlands). North Berwick and Gullane were something of an oasis of relative prosperity, but even there all the hotels that used to bustle with tourists from the west coast were boarded up or staying afloat by housing DSS.

    And all the time there was an oil boom offshore and out of site over the grey horizon generating hundreds of billions of Scottish £'s for English coffers.

  3. A good night for the people of Ghana (and Africans generally) as a right-wing white Englishman who mocks their country as hilariously obscure whilst advocating a vote for unionist parties is taken offline.

    Why not just use @scotlandisshitewhileenglandislovely or similar?

    1. Not right wing, not an englishman, and not mocking Ghana. Why do you murrell scum lie all the time?

    2. Legally English by choice and only Scottish by self-id, while claiming self-id is meaningless and only legal id matters...

      How can you live somewhere voluntarily for 30+ years and not like it / love it so much you spend your time tweeting pics of it with genuine affection? I still have a soft spot for Nigeria and I lived there for just 5 years, 9 months a year from ages 2-7.

      If someone from another country trying to hide from the twitter authorities used a @cometojockland LOL handle as they thought that funny LOL and the country obscure LOL, you'd not sense an underlying disrespect for that country? Is Ghana a funny joke of a country? I can see Boris 'picaninnies with watermelon smiles' getting that joke LOL.

      Why not just '@cometoengland(#whileyoustillcan)' as per the website articles?