Monday, January 18, 2016

Attempting to put the "range" back into "range of voices"

Apologies that I haven't written anything yet about yesterday's Panelbase poll.  Although most of the excitement concerned the finding that Scotland would vote in favour of independence in the event of Brexit, the standard independence question actually showed a small increase in the No lead.  The change looks very much like margin-of-error noise, but it will have the effect of pushing No back into a slight lead in the Poll of Polls when I update it.

The reason I haven't had a chance to update it so far is that I've been working on a submission for Bella Caledonia.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter may be aware that eyebrows were raised yesterday when Mike Small claimed that the endless banging of the drum on Bella for "tactical voting on the list" was not a propaganda campaign, but rather...

"just presenting a range of voices James, which is deemed intolerable."

I defy anyone to say that's an accurate reflection of reality.  There have been several recent articles on Bella (from multiple authors) claiming that tactical voting on the list is both feasible and a moral necessity, and not even a single one putting the alternative point of view.  So I asked Mike whether he would accept a submission from me on the topic - he was non-committal, but said he'd consider it. 

The article I've just sent to him is a straightforward analytical piece.  If I'm being cynical, there are two reasons why it may conceivably be rejected - a) it dismisses RISE's hopes of winning any seats this year, and b) it mentions Solidarity, which RISE supporters have the Orwellian habit of pretending doesn't exist.  But of course neither of those reasons are valid if Mike is serious about simply presenting a range of views.  We'll see.


  1. It must be SNP X 2!

    Why? Because this country of ours called Scotland is dying and has been since the early sixties. Check out the population stats for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Better still check out the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, you’ll be amazed! Scotland without the ingress of 3/4 of a million English and others into Scotland, you would have thought that we had suffered a major famine/plague, the figures say it all, just check it out on Google!

    How has this come about? Our industries were wiped out by Wastemonster rule! Leaving our talented young folk the only way out, emigration! Do you as a voter think this situation will ever change whilst we have the Wastemonster tory (any colour) foot on our neck. Think very long and hard about it, there is only one solution, Independence for Scotland, the sooner the better, only by voting SNP X 2 can Scotland grow and flourish. After Independence is achieved can we start to sort out the mess and the new parties will have their part to play in rebuilding our nation.

    1. I got as far as "wastemonster" and tuned out. clichés will never win our independence.

    2. But if we get rid of wastemonster then all ra foodbanks will disappear and we can stop flying ra butchers apron. Freedumb!!!

  2. To paraphrase Robert of Baratheon,
    "Which is bigger one or five? It's one, one army (of MSPs) united behind one leader with one purpose (independence)".
    Until independence is achieved I will vote SNP only, after that ...

  3. I seen lots of posts,mainly by the same few people,telling all who are reading on Facebook that tactical voting will work.I have to disagree,some of the newer "Socialist Parties",who claim to have "lent" us(SNP) their vote at the General Election,I've asked them if they really did lend us their vote as I noticed they still got some votes.Next I asked why were they saying that the FPTP part was guaranteed to be SNP,as it would not be needed to bother with the vote just turn the seats over to the SNP! The FPTP seat are NOT guaranteed and we will need our list votes to help get another majority IF we manage it.I don't trust the Fleet Street press.

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  5. The usefulness of current independence polling is questionable. There is no referendum in the offing and people can say whatever they like. It's a bit like loudly announcing what you'll do to Mike Tyson should he give you "cheek" - and then he actually turns up.

    In a real life referendum campaign, the swing to no would be immense. Your economic argument has been smashed like a box of teacakes.