Monday, April 6, 2015

The fix that Labour have got themselves into

What Labour were (effectively) saying before Nicola Sturgeon was smeared by the Tory press : "There are two things that are MORE IMPORTANT than getting the Tories out of office.  The first is our ability to blackmail the Scottish people into voting against the SNP, by making them believe that only the largest single party can form a government.  The second is our need to be seen by Middle England to be refusing to work with the SNP.  If it is necessary to quietly help the Tories back into power in order to avoid working with the SNP, or to maintain our ability to blackmail the Scots, that will be a price worth paying.  We therefore reserve the right to abstain on a Tory Queen's Speech after the election, rather than vote against it."

What Labour were (effectively) saying after Nicola Sturgeon was smeared by the Tory press : "Boo!  Hiss!  Nasty Nicola!  Sturgeon the Snake!  There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than getting the Tories out of office!  Anyone who takes a different view has BETRAYED THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND!"

Nicola Sturgeon : "Thankyou for changing your mind, Labour, and for agreeing with me that there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than getting the Tories out of office.  In the light of your change of heart, will you now confirm that you will vote with the SNP to stop the Tories getting back into power, regardless of circumstances?  Because if you don't, you will have BETRAYED THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND.  That's right, isn't it?"

Labour : "Er..."


  1. It's unfortunate for the Labour Party that the intellectual and educational deficiencies of the current Scottish leadership are such that they are unfamiliar with the fate of Faust.

    1. Love that last line.Unfortunate is reserved for accidents,Labour went out to demean an honest Ayrshire Lass,not accidental their Lib-Dem pals must have told them,how quick off the mark was the first tweet? 4 minutes!

  2. To be honest I feel Sillybland has really demeaned himself. I wasn't a fan before but his decision to treat this garbage memo as fact really diminishes him to the point where....well, let's just say he's not pm material, even if he may end up as pm.

  3. Ed's Dad Ralph was a Marxist academic and a man of the highest integrity. Not sure how he would feel about his son today.

  4. It is clear that Miliband is easily manipulated by others ( in particular the serpent voices currently in charge of Labour in Scotland) rather than making his own decisions, which is very worrying. Integrity will not be enough to get him through the next 5 years- he will need the SNP to keep him and his party honest.... Nicola told it like it is last Thursday.
    No wonder the puppet masters behind the scenes at Westminster are worried... Nicolas is well up to the task and ready to expose their little games. Miliband needs to watch the boxed set of House of Cards pretty quick to get up to speed....

  5. John Curtice has tweeted the results of a YouGov poll conducted for the Sun. Fieldwork finished on the 31st, so it's a bit older than the Panelbase poll in the Sunday Times.

    What Scotland Thinks ?@WhatScotsThink

    @YouGov @ScottishSun #scotland #ge2015 poll.


    (change on 10-12.3.15).

    SNP 46 (n/c);
    Lab 29 (+2);
    Con 16 (-2);
    LD 3 (-1).

  6. The SNP have Professor Calculus' YouGov poll on their website.

    Impressive numbers and the vote is holding.

    4 weeks to go - I'll be out there doing my bit inbetween shifts at work. Even if it's a few weekends this month, it's definitely worth it.

    Apologies for the plug, but if anyone is interested, don't hesitate to call in to your local branch. You don't need to be a member of the SNP, or even go chapping doors. Plenty of work in the office that I'm sure the volunteers would be over-whelmed at.

    No commitment either. If you can do one day, one hour, half an hour only. That's fine. Every bity helps.

    Over n' oot :)

    Happy Easter Monday, laddies and lassies.

  7. Not just Labour, but the MSM as well. They are passing around the jobbie in the box called #MemoGate or FrenchGate#. Some are getting outraged that the plebs dared challenge them. Some genuinely shocked that they are seen as part of a smear, some are still desperately pushing it as they can't bring themselves to admit they were duped. All along we poor old labour, once again taking succor from the conservatives, the very thing that drove so many to vote SNP.

    Everyone who voted yes, and everyone who shifted to the SNP expected this. Hell the very topicality of the story makes it suspect. The question from us to them, is why did you think this sort of stupidity would work this time round? The question for labour at this stage is: Have we effectively smeared ourselves here? The question for the UK media is: How could we have been so gullible.

    At this stage even if Sturgeon had the Lord thy God come down to verify it was a smear, Scottish labour would still demand "answers" But the more you push a smear that has already failed to do what was hoped of it, you go from looking cartoonishly inept to looking like you were in on it from the start. That goes for the UK media as well. If I were them, I would think twice about playing any "victim" cards.

  8. Liars caught,excuse "These things happen in an election" tells me those unionists lie as a matter of course and many people get deceived,honesty and truth are the enemies of the British establishment.