Sunday, April 12, 2015

Housekeeping note

For quite a while now, some of you have urged me to disable anonymous commenting on this blog, in order to tackle the scourge of trolls. I've finally decided to take that step - but only on a very temporary basis (probably only for a few hours). I think you'll now appreciate why it's not a good idea to do it permanently, because for some reason removing anonymous posting also removes the "Name/URL" option, and effectively means that you need to sign in to an account to comment. That would deter an awful lot of people from posting, and probably cut the number of comments by more than half.

The reason I'm doing it temporarily is to deal with an anonymous unionist troll who's been throwing his weight around over the last couple of days, and who has predictably started to become more abusive as the penny drops that we don't all dutifully surrender at the first sign of his silly scare stories. (He's just described me as "bordering on mentally ill".)

Of course, this won't stop Simon (I call him Simon) continuing to post, but if he wants to do so he'll have to put a name to the bile. Will he be brave enough? I suspect not, but we'll see.


  1. My name is Simon but honest, it wisnae me!

  2. I always post using my actual name so no bother to me if you need to continue to control trolls.

  3. Sad you had to do that James but the nutters will be even more shrill the closer we get to polling day.

  4. These types are cowards and only work under anonymity.

    Is it a freudian slip for me to suspect 'Simon' may be Simon Johnson, The Telegraph Scottish Political Editor?

    Och no, it's probably Simon Cowell, or Simon le Bon, or Simon Callow...or... may be you just don't like the name Simon. Wasn't the Blue Peter cat called Simon or something?

    In all events, don't expect an 'I'm Simon' a la Spartacus anytime soon, James.... AS I said, cowards.