Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wisdom on Wednesday : Looking at ourselves in the mirror tomorrow

"It's no use in thinking it's too late for changing
No use in thinking that it's not up to you
You must teach, you must learn and to change things be willing
For you are your country and your country is you"

The Corries, in their song 'The Dawning of the Day'.


  1. YouGov poll for Sky News, 2400 polled

    On whether an independent Scotland would be able to keep the pound, 57% were clear and 38% unclear, with 5% "don't knows".

    On what devolved powers would be given to Scotland if it remained in the United Kingdom, 33% were clear while 61% were unclear.

    On the eve of the referendum Scots are far certain about a currency union more powers for the Scottish parliament.

  2. CORRECTION: On the eve of the referendum Scots are far certain about a currency union 'than' more powers for the Scottish parliament.

  3. CORRECTION (again): On the eve of the referendum Scots are far more certain about a currency union than more powers for the Scottish parliament.

  4. A few pertinent words about polls.

    In DHeil today there is a piece by one of the pollsters bemoaning the fact that they might ALL be wrong due to the reasons I have stated many times before here, the most notable being, the huge new never been polled before population who haven't voted before, many people not responding to phone polls particularly the young and old, et al.

    The weightings CHOSEN by the managers of these polls is crucial to the outcome. For example, in a poll result of Y 50% N 50%, ie 500 N 500 Y, a change made in the weighting of results anywhere in the poll which removes 20 people from eg N, changes the result to 480 N and 500 Y and N 49% Y 51%.

    Turning to canvassing results, Rentoul was quoted yesterday in another thread "what someone told him" about the results of the YES/NO canvassing. Well fuck me, that is really credible! Did the someone have a dog as well? It seems to me that the body language and demeanor of the two parties vav canvassing returns is more revealing. YES happy NO glum.

    Also our OZZIE friend is on record as saying that he knows YES canvassing shows 54% Y 46% N. Now Murdoch may not have a dog but he is more credible than Rentoul's "someone told me".

  5. Tory rebellion grows. Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley in Yorkshire, "For the record I will not be voting to maintain an unfair funding settlement for Scotland, whatever Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg say."

    Scots don't know what powers we will get if we vote No. Meanwhile at Westminster they are plotting to prevent Scotland getting the powers Scots don't know what they are getting.

    What a mess.

  6. Rumours that YouGov final poll will show widening NO vote.

  7. Where you seeing this Annon? It's not out until 10pm.

    Ipsos is at 6pm.

  8. In his head Kevin...probably a no troll. Usual mischief making!

  9. Well, there's a No-supporting businessman from Cheshire on Twitter who's saying that (exactly the same words that Anon used, except that for some reason he used the American spelling of "rumors").

  10. I see in our ICM with far too few Scots (notably women), we have the classic pattern of Yes in iref question putting themselves as Yes in 1-10, but up to 10% of N voters putting themselves as Yes or DK.

    Funny that.