Monday, July 21, 2014

A-list, at last

You might remember that a few months ago, the ex-fascist Daily Mail newspaper started running a series of sinister articles that "named and shamed" ordinary members of the public for the heinous crime of expressing pro-independence views on the internet.  The theory seemed to be : "if people are in a constant state of terror about being treated like sex offenders by a mass-circulation national newspaper, they might just be deterred from speaking out in favour of the Yes campaign".  Well, that plan worked a treat, didn't it?  I must admit I was gutted not to make the cut in any of the Mail's articles, but an exciting new development has more than made up for that disappointment.  I've just discovered that I'm on the "watch-list" of a website called CyberNatWatch, which describes its mission in the following terms -

"Fed up with selective CyberNat behaviour?, the high profile abuse of Union supporters?, especially those such as JK Rowling? Tired of seeing the Union Flag being burnt? We thought we'd put this site together to show you all the nastiness at a glance. Click here for the 'watch list'!"

You'll be pleased to hear that while you were reading that quote, I burned no fewer than six Union Jacks. Just twenty-seven more to go and that'll be my quota for the morning.

This "watch-list" is a very exclusive club - a mere twenty-one of us are vile enough to be on it. Of course there are all the usual suspects - Melissa Murray, Dr Morag Kerr,, the Courier Roadshow. Yes, that'll be the same Courier Roadshow that does all those abusive Cybernat ping-pong polls, and that brings us the foul-mouthed Cybernat cutesy tales about dogs in Carnoustie who are planning to vote No.

I hate to admit this, but John McTernan has got a point. Salmond must call off the dogs (and the ping-pong balls) NOW!!!!


  1. Not much of a site is it? Amateurism that shames even the main Not Today Thank You campaign. Authorship smacks of someone who really doesn't know anything very much about anything.


    A classic example as to why we have such considerable evidence for shy Yes.

    Scottish nationalism is about being anti-English, about divide and rule and about difference, writes Brian Monteith

    I know it's Monteith, but having such stuffed happily printed in the MSM can only result in one thing.

    This doesn't lower the Yes vote, it just hides it. Everyone knows people who support independence and < 30% are solidly against it. That makes >70% racists. Your dad's a is a racist...wife is a racist. Erm - no they aren't.

    Hi, this is MORI here. Are you an anti-English racist?

    The fact we have evidence for shy Yes even in more anonymous online polls is quite something.

  3. Yes, thehiblog site is just as you say very boring.

    Edna Welthorpe

  4. Congrats to all on the list. I had a look at some of those on the list and a few are not even Independence supporters. That is embarrassing for the person who compiled the list. The Courier?

  5. Hello Edna. You are CyberNatWatch and I claim my five pounds.

  6. Alan Cochrane ,telegraph said 1000,s of cybernats out there.


    notes--must try harder

  7. Gutted.

    Absolutely gutted.

    I'm not on the list.

    Might as well give up now.

    Goodbye cruel world.


    OK. I'm not defeatist. I'll just try harder.

  8. Well unless you are twittering you will not make the list, I don't so I am fair gutted.

  9. Congratulations on this long-overdue of this disgraceful cybernattery of the highest order. Everybody knows there's no racist abuser worse than the sort who does it with statistics and reason. You even have the audacity to slot in a hint of humour once in a while!


  10. Och, I'm not there! Just like I was always getting told at school I really must try harder.

  11. Why am I not there? In my life as a tweeter I can be very nasty.

  12. Me too Tris and Helena - I'm gutted too - must try harder - maybe have to sign up to Twitter after all. What's James Kelly done to get this gong, apart from running one of the most useful sites on the web. Anent which, next time a late night poll comes out, could he hurry up a bit, and publish his analysis a bit quicker than the 30 minutes or so it usually takes - so that my wife can finally get to sleep?

  13. Well James, I'm a long time lurker of this site and I thought I'd rear my ugly head and post! I'm also a very firmly decided No voter. I'm glad you're not letting such idiots get to you. They're more of an embarrassment to my own side than anything!

    Just thought I'd say that this is a great blog you're running. I respect that you're someone who passionately wants to see independence, but at the same time you don't let your strong political beliefs stop you from putting forward a good standard of poll analysis. Keep up the good work.

  14. Alastair and Stoat : Thanks very much for the kind words!