Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coming soon, to a blog near you...

In case you haven't heard, we'll shortly be discovering the results of two new referendum polls - the monthly ICM poll in the Scotland on Sunday, and a Panelbase poll.  If the political editor of the Record is to be believed (obviously a big question mark over that), the Panelbase poll will appear in the Sunday Herald but was commissioned by the SNP.  That would be consistent with what we heard from Calum Findlay earlier in the week - he took part in the poll and said it had obviously been commissioned by a pro-independence client.  That won't in any way detract from the credibility of the headline numbers as long as the referendum question was asked first - and that was indeed the case in the Panelbase polls commissioned by the SNP and Yes Scotland earlier this year.  But we'll just have to wait and see.  Presumably the numbers must be reasonably good for Yes, otherwise the SNP wouldn't have passed them on to a newspaper.

I presume there can't be anything dramatic in the ICM poll, because the Scotland on Sunday front page leads with some characteristically irresponsible spin about the results of the supplementary questions.  We also haven't seen the usual suspects on either side drawing attention to the poll on Twitter (with the partial exception of Nicola Sturgeon), so I would imagine it's a middling sort of result.

Don't forget to check back later for what will hopefully be an all-time high for the Yes vote in the Poll of Polls.

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  1. Sunshine on CrieffJune 14, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    Yes 48% No 52% according to Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter