Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Warning on Wednesday : The true meaning of the UK's 'best of both worlds'

"The first thing is to stop the Scots grumbling. Emasculate them. That would concentrate their minds. The Scots are getting too much."

Said by Tory darling Bernard Ingham in 1990 while still Mrs Thatcher's Press Secretary, giving us fair warning of what London's attitude to Scotland will revert to once the referendum is over, and the need for all the honeyed words about "Scotland's contribution to the United Kingdom" has passed.


  1. I fear they will be so disappointed.

    People are increasingly engaging positively.

    There's no going back.

  2. Thatcher is dead and unfortunately thus not able to see the unintended consequences (HA HA) of her treatment of Scotland and our oil resources.

    However Bernard Ingham was her right hand man and rock sluttering trhe most vile of opinions about Scotland.

    Is is he still alive and not gaga? I wish hew is and able to fully understand the unintended consequences of their arrogance.

  3. Spotted from a train near London Bridge Station in London: 'The Witch is dead but her spell continues.'

  4. There have been a few, well, crude comments directed at independence supporters. Bernard Ingham is one of them.