Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Word-Search solution

As promised, here is the solution to Christmas Day's word-search puzzle -

And these are the 29 names you were looking for - all of them people who have left comments on this blog over the last five-and-a-half years...

Tris (pro-independence blogger at Munguin's Republic)

Marcia (long-standing SNP activist, and a fellow Eurovision fan)

Doug Daniel (pro-independence blogger)

Mark MacLachlan (pro-independence blogger of Universality of Cheese fame)

Andrew Tickell (pro-independence blogger, legal expert, intellectual colossus, and winner of the prestigious 'Guy With The Biggest Vocabulary' prize for sixteen out of the last seventeen years)

Peter Curran (pro-independence blogger)

Alex Gallagher (Labour councillor for North Coast and Cumbraes ward, who as an anonymous Nat-bashing blogger liked to style himself as 'Braveheart'. Seriously.)

Stuart Dickson (author of the Independence blog, voice of reason at PB for many, many years, and Sweden's best-known SNP member!)

AM2 (The man. The myth. The legend. Alex Salmond's most stunning personal endorsement in 2011. Named 'AM Two' in the puzzle to avoid a giveaway.)

Cranmer (Extremely right-wing blogger who thinks he's a dead archbishop. Let's put it this way - Tom Harris is a devoted fan.)

Kevin Baker (He's the thin star-spangled line that is all that stands between America and communism, and he couldn't do it without his loaded firearms. Don't forget, folks - the mysterious fact that Scotland has a much lower murder rate than gun-lovin' America can be easily explained away by non-specific "cultural factors".)

D. Hothersall (Scottish Labour's one-man online presence)

DougtheDug (long-time scourge of anyone who thinks there is any such thing as Scottish Labour)

Mick Pork (SNP supporter who knows more about the phone hacking scandal than the rest of us have had hot dinners, and who has been proudly banned from PB on no fewer than 90 separate occasions - that's 86 more than me!)

Timothy (likes zebras)

Caron Lindsay (Liberal Democrat blogger)

Stuart Campbell (by some distance Scotland's most widely-read pro-independence blogger)

J R Tomlin (author of historical fiction, and America's leading Yes Scotland supporter!)

Aubrey de Grey (biomedical gerontologist who has predicted that humans will have 1000-year lifespans in the relatively near future)

Joan McAlpine (SNP MSP, and former editor of the Sunday Times' Scottish edition)

Alison Thewliss (SNP councillor for the Calton ward in Glasgow, and formerly a prolific blogger as Bellgrove Belle)

Sophia Pangloss (quite simply the finest blogger in the Scots language that I know of, and another fellow Eurovision fanatic)

Sean Thomas (Cornish sex memoirist, self-styled "international thriller-writer", and die-hard fan of ethnic determinism)

Iain Dale (Tory blogger and former parliamentary candidate)

James Mackenzie (Doubleplusgood Eradicator-in-Chief of Thoughtcrime and Crimethink from the comments section of Better Nation)

Subrosa (pro-independence blogger)

Andrew Reeves (the late and greatly-missed Liberal Democrat blogger and Director of Campaigns)

Rachel Lucas (Very witty and very right-wing American blogger, who has the distinction of being the only advocate of Tea Party-style politics that has ever made me laugh with them rather than at them. On a less positive note, she was also the person who indirectly introduced me to the dubious delights of the Kevin Baker Fan Club.)

Ezio (Florentine nobleman and all-round megastar. What has happened to Ezio? Someone send out a search party!)

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