Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's a date

So there it is. We'll either remember Thursday, 18th September 2014 as one of the best days of our lives, or...we'll spend a wee while trying to forget it ever happened. Let's make sure it's the former.

Of course it's pure speculation what difference - if any - the date will make, but for my money it may not be a bad idea that Salmond has gone slightly earlier than predicted. If you want to make a case based on hope, it's probably best not to do so deep into October when the weather is likely to be miserable. OK, it could well be miserable in mid-September as well, but my recollection of the devolution referendum in 1997 (held just one week earlier on September 11th) is that it was a beautiful, warm, summery day. So you never know.

Incidentally, the independence referendum will be held on the seventeenth anniversary of the Welsh devolution referendum - which the Yes campaign won by 50.3% by 49.7%. Not that I believe in that kind of omen, but we'd settle for that. (We'd also settle for 70.7% to 29.3%, of course.)


  1. I shall give a toast tonight to my friends who campaigned with me over the years but who did not live to see the referendum campaign.

  2. A lovely post marcia and I will join you in thinking of these who worked so hard for this day but sadly never got to see it.

    Whatever else happens history will be made and it's never going to be the same again.

    I'm inclined to think October would have highlighted the coming westminster election even more but regardless that will loom large anyway and concentrate minds nicely.