Friday, March 2, 2012

Blow for Cameron's 'jam tomorrow' deception as public demands up-front Devo Max vote

There's a new Ipsos-Mori poll out that doesn't offer much solace for the Prime Minister and others who think that two referendum questions would be simply too much for the poor befuddled Scottish electorate to cope with...

59% want an additional Devo Max question
37% want an independence-only referendum

Arguably by floating the extremely vague idea of more powers further down the line, Cameron has simply increased support for an explicit Devo Max question.  The notion that independence is a matter for the Scottish people to decide, but anything short of that is a matter entirely for a British Prime Minister's whim or for discussions in a smoke-filled room, was never likely to attract much sympathy.


  1. Ah, Camerooned, the gift that goes on giving.

  2. If there's a wrong way to do it...

    But, as Wolfie says, long may he and his propensity to open his mouth and place his expensively shod foot right in it.