Monday, March 12, 2012

Admin's golden alternative to a Scottish passport

This was Tom Harris' summary of Alex Salmond's speech on Saturday :

"To the homeless, the unemployed, the hungry, the vulnerable, I say this: the SNP will give you a Scottish passport!"

Hmmm. Even if that really was all that the SNP were offering, it would be considerably more use to the homeless, the unemployed, the hungry and the vulnerable than the Tory government Tom has given to them by way of an alternative. (And in so many ways it was a personal gift.)

Even if we didn't have a Tory government, what would Tom be offering the vulnerable? Triangulation. A reborn Blairite Labour party aping the Tories to win right-wing votes in the southeast of England, by slashing benefits, embracing weapons of mass destruction, blaming teenage single mothers for their own predicament, and glorifying greed in all its many and varied forms. That's what "grown-up" politicians do, apparently, because that's the only way to get elected in the UK.

Now, can you see any way in which a "Scottish passport" might just possibly free the vulnerable from that false choice? Nope, I'm well and truly stumped.


  1. Ha ha, yes lets never forget Bomber's role in the ConDems coming to power.

  2. The sneering tone of the "offer" is also indicative of what a worthless, lowly thing Tom Harris considers a Scottish passport to be.

    Labour, fighting for Tory rule from Westminster, their own careers and the retention of their British passports.

    It's so long since they ditched socialism that one is compelled to ask, do they actually have any other objectives that we know of?

  3. I notice that Admin has deleted his little epistle, your link no longer works

  4. What a desperately sad cry for help this blog is

  5. Aha, do I detect a visitor from I think I do!

    Welcome along, and don't forget to follow on Google Friend Connect.

  6. Just out of curiosity, what did Tom Harris have to say here:

    And in so many ways it was a personal gift.

    Because the link doesn't work for me and I really would like to know!

  7. Hi Douglas, are you referring to Tom's blogpost "It could all have been so different"? Alas, I can't remember, because it's been almost two years since I read it. I wish I'd kept a copy now!

    Tom seems to have deleted his old posts, probably to make it easier to flog them as part of his book "Why I'm Right and Everyone Else Is Wrong" (and this is the man who compares Alex Salmond to the Fuhrer?!).