Saturday, August 6, 2011

The chick-lit substitute for Fox News viewers

As an antidote to my withdrawal symptoms from arguing with our friendly neighbourhood 'libertarians', here's a quote from a blogpost entitled 'Going Galt' -

"All you Leftists ask yourselves a question: What will you do when the folks who provide the things you need...all quit? How will you survive when you've strangled the last doctor, dentist and power company?

I know the answer, even if you've never considered the question. You don't care. You hate humanity, and you hate yourselves for being human. You'd rather die than see mankind prosper. That's why you embrace the suicidal insanity of Leftist policies. Your subconcious has followed them to their logical conclusion, and you know, deep down, that what I'm saying is true.

Stop being selfish, bitter little brats and join the rest of us in the world of thinking, reasoning adults. It beats the alternative your psychotic class envy and lust for power is going to lead us to."

Hmmm. You see, the credibility problem with this line of argument is that there are bona fide 'leftist' countries out there we can look at to see whether this "strangulation" of doctors and dentists has actually taken place. Cuba, for example, is noted for having rather a good health care system, considering how poor the country is in other ways. And Sweden's health care system seems to have just about survived several decades of that country's considerably more democratic 'leftist' model.

But by all means don't let reality get in the way of your Randian wish-fulfillment fantasy of tens of thousands of doctors and dentists suddenly "going Galt" just because Obama has dared to inch America from the hard right to the centre-right. Atlas Shrugged is like chick-lit for Fox News viewers.

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