Monday, March 21, 2011

A statement from Comical Ali, now in employ of a man who can snarl in Portuguese

These crooks, these liars, these cheats, Salmond and Sturgeon, they tell you they invented policies on a council tax freeze, on protecting A&E departments, on keeping higher education free. They lie! These are glorious original policies of the People's Party, but these creemeenals, these mer-sen-arrries, Swinney and MacAskill, they lie, they steal, they puff and pant to catch up. These crooks and cheats even invent time machine so they can travel back four years and make it look like they were implementing council tax freeze, saving Monklands A&E and abolishing tuition fees before glorious People's Party devised these original policies last week. As for this creemeenal Salmond and his supposed "charisma"? Pah! Stolen by his pack of time-travelling wolves from the glorious Gray, who they give unappealing snarl to with their reality-distorting technologies. We will crush them, these creemeenals, these cockroaches, these mer-sen-arrries. In fact, we already have crushed them - the score is three-nil to the glorious Gray!

1 comment:

  1. It's all the fault of the Dark Lord Alex Voldermond. Happily Herminone Lamont will wave her magic wand and cast the "Obliviate" spell and the whole miserable 4 years of council tax freezes, cheap prescriptions, free travel across bridges, more police, lower crime, better al will be forgotten by the public at large and Neville Longbottom Gray will emerge to lead us forward into oblivion.