Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jaw-dropping line of the day

Iain Dale : "When the Coalition was formed back in May, the cynics said it wouldn't last."

Hmmm. I think, after a mere three months, it's not unreasonable to suggest that the jury is still out on that one. I dare say even the "cynics" might have conceded that the coalition had a fair chance of making it through the summer holidays in one piece...


  1. I wonder what he'll say when it falls apart at the seems around early summer next year (so now I've committed myseff and I'll probably look like a banana if it doesn't happen).

    I see the wheels already looking decidedly wonky with not only LibDems and the Tory awkward squad starting to get fractious, but IDS and Ken Clarke putting their not inconsiderable sized feet down... and wee George Osborne, clearly looking quite distressed.... and way out of his depth

    Ho hum...

    You won't rub my face in it too much if they make it through to the end of the summer next year will you James?

  2. Certainly not, Tris! Personally, I think the balance of probability is that they will see out the five years, but many commentators (Tories in particular) are far too bullish about that prospect. They even seem to imagine that the likes of Clegg are so committed to working with the Tories that they'd be prepared to do 'a Ramsay MacDonald' if it became necessary. Whatever I may think of Clegg, I doubt if that's true.

    The most obvious flashpoint coming up would be a potential No vote in the AV referendum - which, for better or worse, is starting to look somewhat more likely.