Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Earth calling Chekov, Earth calling Chekov...

I'm afraid doggedly referring to Scotland as a 'region' a minimum of fifteen times a week is not going to magically make our nationhood go away. Even most Scottish Tories got over that particular hang-up a few decades ago!


  1. Ezio Auditore da FirenzeJune 1, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    It seems Unionists are just unable to engage in a debate on the constitutional question without resorting to pathetic nonsense like this.

    BTW James, I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but you must be LOVING the ToryBoy hypocrisy (on PB and beyond) regarding the David Laws resignation. When is a trougher not a trougher? :D

  2. I haven't mentioned it much here, Ezio, but I certainly have at PB! Mike excelled himself with his headline immediately after the David Laws story broke - "aren't we in danger of over-reacting to this?". Then with Danny Alexander there were three consecutive posts along the lines of "this is all froth, when are the media going to grow up"!

    We were promised that the bias at PB would right itself as soon as the Tories were in power, but instead all that's happened is that the management has joined forces with the Herd...

  3. "Scot-shire" from this article is one that cracks me up. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/3750918.stm

    btw I wonder what would happen to Northern Ireland's status/situation if Scotland became independent? Would it destabilize it, make no difference, or make Irish reunification more likely?

  4. I've always assumed that it wouldn't make a lot of difference, but on the other hand when you look at the way so many NI unionists fret about the political situation in Scotland, they obviously think it's of some significance.