Friday, May 14, 2010

Memo to Tom Harris : I'm afraid Scotland DID notice

Labour ex-minister Tom Harris is a deeply worried man. How else can we explain that he felt the need to concoct a 1000-word 'horror epic' alternative history of what might - but, let's face it, almost certainly wouldn't - have happened if the Labour-Lib Dem coalition he worked so hard to wreck had taken office?

Poor Tom. He really thought he could spend the first few days after the election actively campaigning for a Tory government to take office (because the thought of actually working with other parties was simply too ghastly for him), and honestly imagined nobody in Scotland would notice what his game was. I'm afraid people did notice, Tom, and it's far, far too late to talk yourself out of it now.


  1. I don't understand why that man's blog is so highly rated. This is typical of the ill-informed nonsense he usually writes. There's someone commenting that it's the best piece of satire they've ever read - someone buy that man a copy of Private Eye, quick!!!

  2. Although I must say, it's not like a Labour politician to go spreading vastly exaggerated horror stories, is it? Especially ones that mention the SNP making Scotland go bankrupt. Totally original stuff, that.

  3. Typically self serving Tom Harris.

    He doesn't want a PR because that could undermine his "seat for life" parliamentary constituency. So the LibDems in a UK coalition and maybe pushing PR instead a watered down version, any version, must be opposed.

    He would rather have a Tory LibDem coalition than Labour in association with the them and of course, the SNP. Oops, forgot about these nasties.

  4. I must proof read better and sort my punctuation.

    I think the flavour gets through but will try more to ensure that my point is unquestionably clear.

    My only excuse is that I am stone cold sober.

  5. I think you're right though bugger, for all your sobriety. Tom and the rest of the Glasgow clique of Labour MPs are terrified that some form of PR will drive them from their seats for life, or at least make them have to fight hard for them. The reverse is happening in at least the southern parts of England, where they can't wait for PR because it would make the Tory strongholds vulnerable.

    As for Tom Harris's blog being the one of the best in Scotland.... I can't see why.

    I prefer this one any day.

  6. Tris, if Harris thinks he was protecting Labour's inbuilt advantage in the electoral system by sabotaging a deal with the Lib Dems, he's in for a nasty surprise. As far as I can see, the Lib Dems have agreed to the Tory plan to equalise the size of (some might say gerrymander) constituencies, which will make it far harder for Labour to win a majority in future.

  7. I tried to read it but it was so long and boring that I feared I would end up chewing my foot off just in order to get through, so I gave up.

    Tom has nothing to fear from AV as he got more than 50% of the votes cast and so would avoid a runoff but has everything to fear from STV as in theory an alternative Labour candidate to him would also be running so his record as an MP would come into play big time and I doubt his much trumpeted right wing slant would stand him in good stead in left wing old Labour Glasgow.

  8. Ezio Auditore da FirenzeMay 15, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    James, can I draw your attention to the ridiculous post by Iain 'Will never get a seat in Parliament' Dale, regarding the Scottish Tories?

    To find such ridiculous, right-wring, offensive, anti-Scottish nonsense one normally has to travel all the way to!

  9. Funny you should say that, Ezio, because I did see that post, but only because someone on linked to it!

    To be fair to Dale, he was quoting someone else, but he evidently thoroughly approved of the sentiment. It seems the Tory diagnosis of their relationship difficulties with Scotland is "it's not us, it's you". Or, to quote Patrick McGoohan in Braveheart - "The trouble with that it's full of Scots!"

    They learn nothing. Their well-deserved place in the political wilderness is assured for many years to come.