Saturday, October 24, 2009

The UK in seventh - not heaven

It used to be one of the most ubiquitous anti-independence arguments - that we'd be turning our backs on being part of the world's fourth-largest economy. (Although as slogans go, anything that relies on being the fourth-biggest anything is surely a touch uninspiring.) Amusingly, the argument continued to be deployed long after the UK had in fact slipped to sixth place in the rankings. I recall pointing this out to someone a year or two back, who eventually conceded that I was "technically" right but noted that France had only overtaken the UK on "exchange rate fluctuations" - neatly missing the point that exchange rates are absolutely fundamental to how the rankings are calculated.

So now that the UK has slipped again to seventh place behind Italy, what remnants of British Greatness will the opponents of independence fall back on instead? I do hope for their own sake they can come up with something better than Two World Wars and One World Cup.

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  1. Oh dear. Soon the UK will have to rely on it being America's best friend to get into the G8 meetings. Lord knows how many wars we will have to support for that. They may even have to send the SIS to Lybia to bring back Mr Al Megrahi.