Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Andorra - it's a game of skill not luck

You really know you're a Eurovision obsessive when you've just wasted twenty perfectly good minutes poring over the entries in the Andorran national selection. The explanation is that Esctoday very helpfully spread the word of a 'guess the winner' competition Andorran television are running, and how could I possibly resist? As there are only three contenders in the selection, I was rather hoping the likely winner would be obvious and leave the competition as a sort of de facto lottery (rather like Philip Schofield asking "is France - a) a country, b) a tractor or c) Norman Tebbit's real name"), but unfortunately it's a bit more of a poser than that. I think we can safely rule out the truly awful Exhaust by Lluís Cartes, but it's a toss-up between the other two. Passió obsessiva by Mar Capdevila does remind me a little of a couple of previous Andorran entries, so that could be some sort of indication - but I went for my heart over my head and picked La teva decisió by Susanna Georgi because I liked it the best. Possibly a mistake, but as the prize I stand to miss out on is a dress - that's right, a dress - I dare say I can live with it.

Either way, I somehow don't think we're off to Andorra la Vella for Eurovision 2010. By the way if you fancy entering the competition yourself - go on, I dare you - you've only got a few hours left to watch the songs and e-mail your prediction.

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