Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Progress Scotland poll: Humiliation for Boris Johnson as just 12% of the Scottish public say he has handled the pandemic well

Some more results from the bumper Progress Scotland/Survation poll have just been released, and they show that the Scottish Government is more highly regarded than the UK government on a number of counts, that the Scottish Government's handling of the pandemic is regarded more favourably than the UK Government's handling, and that Nicola Sturgeon is regarded as having performed far better than Boris Johnson during the crisis.  Although these findings very much echo what has been reported in previous polls, it's nevertheless encouraging that the recent onslaught from unionist parties doesn't seem to have fundamentally changed public attitudes.

Agree or disagree that the Scottish/UK government is...?


UK Govt: Agree 41%, Disagree 34%
Scottish Govt: Agree 57%, Disagree 18%


UK Govt: Agree 27%, Disagree 49%
Scottish Govt: Agree 59%, Disagree 22%


UK Govt: Agree 24%, Disagree 57%
Scottish Govt: Agree 54%, Disagree 26%


UK Govt: Agree 25%, Disagree 54%
Scottish Govt: Agree 55%, Disagree 26%

'Good at communicating with public'

UK Govt: Agree 23%, Disagree 60%
Scottish Govt: Agree 67%, Disagree 17%


UK Govt: Agree 20%, Disagree 54%
Scottish Govt: Agree 53%, Disagree 22%

Rating of Scottish/UK government's handling of the pandemic on 0-10 scale (0-4 bad, 6-10 good)

UK Govt:  Good 16%, Bad 74%
Scottish Govt: Good 60%, Bad 29%

Rating of Nicola Sturgeon/Boris Johnson's handling of the pandemic on 0-10 scale (0-4 bad, 6-10 good)

Boris Johnson: Good 12%, Bad 79%
Nicola Sturgeon: Good 62%, Bad 29%

Perhaps the most striking finding in the whole poll is that no fewer than 39% of respondents give Boris Johnson a zero rating, and another 20% rate him at just 1 or 2.  There's not a great deal of nuance about Scots' disdain for the Prime Minister.  And the biggest mystery is that a plurality of respondents think the UK government is 'authoritative' - something that is totally out of kilter with the other results.

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  1. I think that the authoritative result can be accounted for by respect for the advice that SAGE and the like are giving UK Govt. As we can see from.what Robert Preston has revealed tonight objective advice is being provided - it's just that the UK Govt isn't accepting it then acting appropriately.

  2. Some people are confusing authoritative with authoritarian.

    1. I agree, Ron. On first reading, I mistook the wording. Silly me!

    2. That's probably exactly what happened. That didn't even occur to me.

    3. That's probably the answer, they ARE authoritarian.

  3. I suspect people mistook "authoritative" for "authoritarian"... ;-)

  4. Nothing wrong with being authoritative. Surely that's what you want from a government during a pandemic.

    Only a moron (16%) would ever think Johnson/UK gov has reached any level of competency in handling the pandemic. Even Skier can see that. The Tories have been more interested in handing out dodgy contracts to their pals and Tory donors. The latest being a £122 m contract to a 45 day old company run by an associate of Baroness Minging Malone. Just like in wars the same type of person focuses on making money while others die. It is estimated that once they changed the law to allow no controls over the awarding of contracts approx £3B worth of contracts have been awarded - most to Tory pals. What do the Tories do best - corruption.

  5. Taliking about morons across the UK it has to be recognised we have some in Scotland. Ken2 on WGD says why can't Salmond and Sturgeon get back together. What a moron. Ken obviously has been beamed up to Skiers galaxy where Sturgeon didn't throw Salmond under the bus on Sky on Sunday and didn't try to fit him up with a long jail sentence. Didn't use Rape Crisis Scotland to attack him. Didn't collude with the Britnat media to attack him.

    1. You've yet to explain exactly how Sturgeon could have put Salmond in jail when she didn't accuse him of anything, and didn't testify against him.

      How on earth do you put someone in jail by telling the police they've not committed a crime against you and you are very surprised by the allegations others are making? That you has no idea women apparently had concerns about the man?

      Seriously IfS, you sound like a total plonker here. By all means rant about those that actually falsely accused Salmond of something, but its just demented to moan about those that didn't simply because you and English political bloggers don't like them.

      Salmond ended up in court based on the allegations of 9 women, 7 of whom were employees of Whitehall, London, with one some sort of SNP office junior, and only one apparently even some sort of 'politician'. But even the latter just said Salmond felt her leg, which isn't an offence that gets you jailed.

      Based on the court records, no SNP politician made any accusation that would have put Salmond in jail, and even the party employees allegation would not have resulted in that either; at most he might have got a fine and a record if he's been found guilty.

      So nobody from the SNP seems to have done anything that would have put Salmond in jail. The only charge that really risked jail was attempted rape; an accusation that came from an employee of Boris Johnson, i.e. whitehall.

    2. I note your classic pattern again; a post to gain trust, then straight onto the attack on Yes parties.

    3. Skier - what do you and Murrell have in common apart from lying. You both think you are detectives but you are more like the Pink Panther.

    4. "An employee of Boris Johnston" - you know nothing. Keep displaying your ignorance or is it the case as I think you know fine well and you are desperately doing your best to cover up. Doing this for free are you

    5. All civil servants in Holyrood are employees of HM British government, Whitehall, London, England.

      Leslie Evans was hand picked by them.

      Sturgeon is not Leslie Evan's boss; Mark Sedwill is. And he serves the British state, with Johnson at the helm.

      I ask again. What has sturgeon done that could have put Salmond in jail?

  6. Now poster Skier has been at great pains to say that most of the alphabet women are nothing to do with the SNP - 2 out of 9 were SNP he says - juniors you know like they make the coffee that sort of thing. His source the Britnat BBC he says.

    Here is another source Quote from McWhirter in the Britnat Herald today:

    "It is important to remember what this inquiry is about. It is not about retrying Alex Salmond- he has been acquitted of the 13 charges of sexual assualt and harassment that were levelled against him, MOSTLY BY SENIOR FIGURES IN THE SNP."

    My bold to emphasise for the hard of reading (skier) that who the alphabet women are have a different take depending on what Britnat source you want to use.

  7. What have the very expensive Salmond court cases told us.

    1. The Scottish Government behaved unlawfully.

    2. Alex Salmond did not behave unlawfully.

    Time for the people responsible for the unlawful behaviour to be held to account.