Tuesday, February 4, 2020

VIDEO: Preview of tonight's questions in the Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll on independence


  1. James
    When we do end up with independence ever thought about writing murder mysteries. The suspense us killing me.

  2. You could maybe use any money left over from the poll to invest in some lighting for your videos, or maybe to pay your leccy bill, whichever :-)

  3. You're showboating now, give us the results. Yes supporters are typically an impatient lot or so it would seem :)

  4. Here's one for you...

    Why are racists so f'n nosey? What bloody business is if of theirs what other folk are discussing amongst themselves on the train etc?

    Only a total prick could seriously demand 'When in public, you must have your private conversations in such a way as so I can listen to everything you say!'. But that's what they expect of people.

    Of course when the same twits go to Benidorm, they just shout in English at Spanish people.


    Nice to see Scots are the most content with folk using whatever language they want to talk to each other.

    If I encounter any brexit voters, I shall be sure to use French with my daughter.

  5. Are you needing some change for the lecy meter?

  6. He's tryin tae keep us in the dairk on the poll results.

    Ba-boom, tsh.

  7. Anyway, why do unionists go on and on about the union when the silent majority of Scots just want to get on with independence?

    Why can't unionist just focus on the day job. Scots support indy and are fed up of all these calls for unionism day and day out.

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