Sunday, September 27, 2015

For the attention of the Labour party : a list of things that don't build houses

1) The Red Flag.  (The one you keep flying here, while singing lustily about "traitors" and "cowards".)

2) The Union Flag.  (The one that mysteriously keeps being displayed at Labour party conferences.)

3) Singing God Save the Queen.

4) Browbeating senior politicians into singing God Save the Queen against their will.

5) Browbeating Scottish and Welsh football players into singing God Save the Queen at the Olympics against their will.

6) "Team GB" in general.

7) Kneeling before the Queen.

8) Browbeating senior politicians into kneeling before the Queen against their will.

9) Liam Byrne.

10) Nuclear weapons.

Not one of these things has ever built a house.  (In fact, number 10 tends to have very much the opposite effect.)  So for the love of God, let's get rid of them, stop doing them, and start BUILDING SOME HOUSES.

Having said that, a house never built a school...


  1. Corbyn is just another British nationalst who hasn't a clue about Scotland.

  2. Labour don't build houses anymore either

  3. Yep he even spun the line. :" I care about poverty in Liverpool and Glasgow". In other words independence is somehow selfish. I care about poverty in Liverpool, Paris, Berlin...Does that mean
    they are selfish for having their own independence. Of course not. There is no logic in that argument. The wealthy in England abandoned the poor a long time ago. Scotland's job is not to save England from itself. Don't dare call us selfish for finally demanding some of the stolen resources back for our own people.

    Scotland and England are now uncompatible politically.

    1. Aye the poor we stupid Norwegians are Independent and thus by the Brit Nat argument they are selfish bastirsts so are some however many it is Independent Nations globally! Typical Brit Nat arrogance.

  4. Aye, Palestinian, Tibetan and (united) Irish etc flags can build houses according to Corbyn. It's just Scottish flags that can't.

    Likewise, Palestine, Tibet and Ireland can all be independence because they don't have oil, but Scotland can't (Marr show) because it does (so England can get it).

    I was giving him a chance. However, he's a hypocrite and a standard English 'I want to rule Scotland' politician. No better than the Tories in that respect really.

  5. I simply don't have the inclination nor the energy to scale to the towering mountain of bullshit that is the labour party, in the vague hope of finding some nugget of truth at the peak.

    The dishonesty. The mendacity. The casual simply breathtaking.

    A vote for labour is a vote for team stupid and Team Stupids greatest goal in politics is one day to be Team Evil. But the Tories have got that covered.

  6. Aye a sheeps a sheep, they are all alike in lambing. Little Englanders and little Napoleons the lot of them.

  7. So, Corbyn's labour is backing the Tory austerity charter, won't increase the top rate of income tax and now discussion of trident has been taken off the conference agenda.

    'Vive la revolution' didn't last long.

  8. Cor blimey Cor byn cor rigible cor nered cor yphaeus.

  9. Watching the events since Corbyn was elected a few weeks ago, I think it is now pretty clear that he is already on borrowed time. Somehow Corbyn is already a lame duck, I cannot see him lasting even a year. Corbyn cannot deal with the MSM, gets riled far too easily, the Tory press are going to make mincemeat out of him, he has compromised far too feebly within a matter of a few weeks, he now looks about as principled as Kezia Dugdale, and his opponents in the PLP are going to undermine him continually, until they force him to resign. A complete train wreck of a situation for the British Labour Party. If you thought Miliband was a weak leader you clearly have not even seen anything yet.

  10. Looks like we are going to war with Syria as well. Cameron just waiting on the Yanks orders. Will they ever learn. Interfering in religious wars is a dead end.

  11. James,

    Thanks for the list. I find people that lustily sing God save the Queen generally have weird political ideas.

    Just saying.

    It may have an equivelance to flying the Butchers Apron, or not.

  12. One other thing to add is Brenda and her odious brood! Not one single member of the Royal Family has ever built a house.

    Oh William and Harry and the rest have laid a few bricks in their time, enough to fulfil the never ending party political broadcast for their clan that is their existence. And more than enough for all the knee bending sycophants to gush about how "normal" they are and how there happy to "get their hands dirty" despite being anointed by God for the highest and most privileged ranks in UK society.

    But I bet they have never actually finished a whole house, lugged a hod of bricks, mixed cement or plumbed in a toilet!

  13. Hard work would kill the Royals. It's all fake bullshit. Those that believe all the propaganda deserve everything they get. Stupid , stupid gullible people in this country.

  14. It's been only two weeks, but it's already looking grim for Corbyn. He has a net satisfaction of -3 (Ipsos MORI) and that is during his honeymoon! Not looking good at all. His heart may be in the right place, but he appears completely naïve with no apparent political skills. In short, unfit for leadership, unfit for purpose. He will soon be found out big time and the tory press will have him for breakfast.

  15. Council House completions by financial year in Scotland
    2003-04 - 0
    2004-05 - 0
    2005-06 - 0
    2006-07- 6
    TOTAL Labour = 6 Number six

    2007-08 - 28
    2008-09 - 336
    2009-10 - 413
    2010-11 - 614
    2011-12 - 1,114
    2012-13 - 963
    2013-14 - 1,140
    2014-15 - 1,157
    TOTAL SNP = 5737. Five thousand seven hundred and thirty seven

  16. The SNP has built 956 times the number of council houses that Labour did. The Union flag builds no houses.