Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another Britain-wide poll suggests that Nicola Sturgeon won the leaders' debate

Thanks to Marcia on the previous thread for pointing out that today's Britain-wide Opinium poll contained a supplementary question on who won the leaders' debate -

Nicola Sturgeon 20%
David Cameron 17%
Ed Miliband 15%
Nigel Farage 12%
Nick Clegg 4%
Leanne Wood 3%
Natalie Bennett 3%

The figures for Scottish respondents only are -

Nicola Sturgeon 49%
David Cameron 13%
Ed Miliband 13%
Nigel Farage 7%
Natalie Bennett 3%
Leanne Wood 1%
Nick Clegg 1%

Although this result is only drawn from respondents who watched at least some of the debate, bear in mind that it's not directly comparable with the instant reaction polls, because this poll was conducted over a longer time-frame, and some people who took part will have been influenced by post-debate reporting.

The reason the overall numbers look a bit low is that Don't Knows and refuseds haven't been excluded this time.

Other figures in the poll are even more outstanding for Sturgeon - 32% of respondents across Britain say she did "very well" in the debate.  The highest equivalent figure for any of the other leaders is 18% for Nigel Farage.


  1. Number of SNP identifiers and SNP share steadily on the rise in opinium when trendlines plotted, and that's with their stupid weighting system.

    We've not had a 4% of the UK national total since early Feb due to that new methodology.

  2. James, your prediction on the effect the latest Sturgeon smear stor, is going to have on the polls?

    1. Who knows. If we go by past smears, no change or a wee boost for the SNP. I think the debate would be more likely to have an effect though.

    2. More than 105,00 members now and climbing. The unionists must be beeling.

  3. This can't be right. The odious labour-nazi supporting racist from Woking who infests The Herald has posted about 8,000 times that Sturgeon was last in the debate.

    Somebody could explain why he has not been banned by the Herald despite breaking every one of their comment thread rules 100 times an hour. Sleazebag unionist scum journalists involved maybe?

    Remember when the Sun managed to get people feeling sorry for that deranged monster J.G.Brown? Remember 2010 when the constant sneering english attacks on a Scottish party leader resulted in labour increasing it's vote? Expect to see the SNP on 50% or higher.

    Also J Cook can rot in Hell. Poor little baby got called rude names for attempting to subvert democracy. Boo and indeed Hoo!

  4. Latest YouGov for the Times ;

    Con 34%
    Lab 33%
    LD 10%
    Ukip 13%
    SNP/PC 5%
    Green 4%

  5. There may be a poll of some sorts in the Scottish Edition of the Sunday Times.