Friday, March 20, 2015

You may think you've seen some stunning pictures of the solar eclipse today - but just wait until you see mine

I knew you'd be impressed.  

It may not be immediately obvious from what you can see above, but the pin-hole projection method did actually work - which I was quite pleased about, because I can vividly remember attempting it to no great effect in our back garden in Kilsyth at the age of five or six.  At first I wasn't sure whether the shape I was seeing this morning was genuinely the eclipse or was just the shape of the hole in the cardboard, but then I punched another hole and found that the two projections looked exactly the same.

One thing that intrigued me was that a total eclipse was viewable from Tórshavn - and yet the 95% totality in central Scotland was a bit higher than we experienced during the 1999 total eclipse in Cornwall and Devon. Does that mean we're closer to the capital of the Faroe Islands than to southern England? Hmmm, there must be a political message there somewhere.

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