Friday, September 19, 2014

Scot Goes Pop! : The second fundraiser

Help to keep Scot Goes Pop going until the May 2015 UK general election.

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I'm writing this on what may be remembered as one of the most traumatic days in Scottish history - the day after we turned our back, for the time being at least, on the sovereign right to shape our own political future, and the day on which Alex Salmond announced his decision to step down as First Minister. However, the months ahead are still full of opportunities as we seek to ensure that the London parties do not betray the panic-stricken "vow" they made to the Scottish people just before polling day. If they do let us down, as they probably will, much will depend on whether the SNP can at last make a telling breakthrough on "away soil" at the UK general election in May.

In the months between now and the election, it's more important than ever that we have a strong alternative media in Scotland to put the pro-SNP case, because in the context of a UK-wide vote, the party is usually widely ignored by the London-based broadcast and print media.

Over the years, Scot Goes Pop has carved out a niche role in the pro-independence blogosphere, particularly due to its coverage of opinion polls. It relentlessly challenged the agenda-driven misreporting of polls as supposedly showing that the Yes campaign were not even in the game.

There will not be a huge number of full-scale Scottish polls before the general election, but there will be some, and with your help I hope to cover them as comprehensively as I have done the referendum polls. When there aren't polls around, I'll go back to doing what I used to do - offer general commentary on the political scene in Scotland, the UK, and further afield, and probably undertake the occasional 'fisking' of mainstream media commentators.

In case you don't know about me, my name is James Kelly, and I've written Scot Goes Pop for more than six years. I've also written articles for the International Business Times, Political Betting, Wings Over Scotland, National Collective, Scottish Roundup, Fair Observer and the Eurovision Times. Some of my IBTimes articles were syndicated on Yahoo News in the run-up to the referendum.

Since I ran the first fundraiser, I've practically been blogging full-time. Even if I take my foot off the accelerator a little (as I'll probably have to), it just won't be possible to find the time to keep the blog going properly without a second fundraiser. I'm setting an ambitious target of £5000, because that's the amount I think would just about be enough to keep things ticking over until May, and perhaps a little beyond. But anything over and above that would be enormously helpful.

If the target is significantly exceeded, I'll be able to use some of the money on advertising. In theory it might even be possible to commission our own poll, but that's unlikely because it would need the target to be exceeded by several thousand pounds.

As I said last time, if the fundraiser fails and only raises a small amount that can't possibly make any difference to my ability to keep the blog going, rest assured the money won't be wasted - I'll donate it to other pro-independence alternative media outlets.

I fully appreciate what a difficult time this is to be launching this initiative, when people are feeling heartbroken and have donated so much of their disposable income in an attempt to secure a Yes vote. I feel the timing is unavoidable, though - I didn't want to do it before polling day and potentially divert money that might otherwise have gone to the Yes campaign, but if I wait even a few more days a golden opportunity may be lost, because for obvious reasons the current readership of the blog is much bigger than it has ever been before, or is ever likely to be again.

What I am going to do, however, is run this over a much longer timescale than last time (60 days) - so if you think you might want to donate but would rather wait a few weeks, feel free to do that. And even if you're a regular reader, please don't feel under any pressure to donate AT ALL. I regard you all as friends (with the exception of the trolls!), and that's far more valuable than any donation.

Now more than ever, let's stay strong.

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  1. @james - I'm one of the newbies to your blog over the past two months so wasn't aware of the first fundraiser. Can I ask what the money is used for? I initially assumed it would be to cover your living expenses as you'd be spending time doing the blog rather than earn a living elsewhere but I guess the £5k target means that's not the case.


  2. Anon : It's largely to cover my living expenses. If the target is exceeded, then I'll be able to use some of the money on advertising (as I did the last time).

  3. Count me in James. Really enjoyed your work

  4. good effort. this is just the beginning.

  5. Happy to donate, James. I'm a long-term lurker who visited your blog several times a day for the last couple of months. Your insightful commentary is much appreciated.

  6. I cannot, I will not and I never will abide by a NO Vote that is based on lies. Undoubtedly some voted NO in the belief that the "vow" featured in The Daily Record, 15 September 2014 was genuine, it states:

    “David Cameron , Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have signed up to a historic joint statement that was demanded by the Daily Record on behalf of the people of Scotland.

    The unprecedented agreement was signed after the Record demanded that the leaders clearly explain what they are offering so the Scottish people can decide if it is a better alternative to independence.

    The agreement was brokered by former prime minister Gordon Brown and Scottish Labour. This new pledge means that all the parties with a chance of forming the next UK government have guaranteed the ‘extensive’ new powers will be put on the statute book next year.

    Brown said: ‘We have agreed a timetable for that stronger Scottish Parliament – a timetable to bring in the new powers that will go ahead if there is a No vote. A White Paper by November, put into draft legislation by January.'”

    Well today less than 24 hours after a NO Vote that vow was shredded. The Guardian Reports today:

    “Ed Miliband will convene a constitutional convention to discuss the future of devolution and power at Westminster.

    The convention will be a form of semi-representative assembly going beyond elected MPs. It would begin before the next election with every nation and region in the country engaged in dialogue with the people about how power needs to be dispersed, not just in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but in England too.

    The Labour proposal is that these debates will bring together MPs and councillors with ordinary citizens. Each region will produce a report outlining a series of recommendations, covering for example: how sub-national devolution can be strengthened; how the regions can be given more of a voice in our political system; and how we can give further voice to regional and national culture and identity.

    This would be followed in autumn 2015 with a constitutional convention to determine the UK-wide implications of devolution and to bring these recommendations together.

    It will discuss the shape and extent of English devolution and what reforms are needed in Westminster, as well as the case for a regionally representative Senate or for codifying the constitution.

    Any recommendations would be debated by parliament.”

    What Scotland needs is for each of those brave 1.6 million yessers to not give up. To continue highlighting the broken promises of jam-tomorrow and the fag paper thin differences between the three Tory parties.

    You need some of those 1.6 million to also step up, to create their own blogs, FB pages, twitters etc.

    Hold rallies, hold flash mobs, hold protests DO NOT LET A VOTE BASED ON A LIE STAND.

    If thousands of people can spontaneously picket BBC Scotland over Nick Robinson, then they can sure as hell protest over Westminster's betrayal.

    Are you able to organise such protests James or do you know who can? Such things are beyond my ability unfortunately.

  7. Hi James,

    All power to you.

    As you know I'm a Green so your focus on the really good social democratic and anti-Trident SNP is different to my focus on what I see as a more radical but complementary approach.

    I would like to see a Scotland where the SNP challenge the SGP to be economically and politically realistic, and the SGP challenge the SNP on fundamental questions of our ecological survival and social justice.

    For the latter I see the need for a dramatic redistribution of wealth from the elite to the poor via the Citizens Income. A CI that is required to eradicate poverty, kick start the economy and help restore self-confidence to those battered by poverty (a poverty caused by the intensifying theft by those at the top).

    So my donation comes from huge appreciation for your work and staying real, for your commitment to self-determination, and out of a belief that when different parties realise they are on the same side by engaging with the people rather than by deceiving the people then we stand a good chance.

    Interesting response by voters up the 7th question in this poll: does it mean a 2nd Referendum is likely in 2018?! 65% of voters (40% of Yes and 20% of No) think this matter is settled for less than 5 yrs. the UK exiting EU in 2017? No new powers coming and the breaking of the 'vow'? I am more and more inclined to understand that we have passed a tipping point:

    There is a majority for independence, for returning power to the people. The reason this didn't translate into a majority in the polling stations was because of the fears and - it increasingly would seem from Westminster's response to the 'vow' - the big final lie.

    Interesting times are set to continue.

  8. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago. Its been an inspiration. I will contribute.


  9. Done.

    Looking forward to the SNP taking out Labour MPs big style in May.

    Should make (Scottish) Labour wonder what the point of the union is.

  10. Hey James,

    I'm glad you decided to keep going; I'll be contributing on pay day ;-)

    Take care

  11. Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlopSeptember 19, 2014 at 10:58 PM

    Hi James, just so you know that those who casually say they will contribute often actually do - my money is on its way! Thank you for all your work,

  12. Done. Power to your elbow. You did a wonderful job before the referendum.


  13. Small contribution from me on its way. More to come.

  14. Wish you really well with this fundraiser. Contributed to the last one and have done so again....

  15. So glad you're going to keep going James. We cannot stop here and must keep fighting.

    I will contribute when I can. The money saved on the non-renewal of the TV licence will all be going on donations to the new Scottish media like yourself.

    If everyone who feels the same follows suit then we will have an even more influential and powerful presence supporting our cause against the diminishing might of the mainstream media.

    The feelings I have today are akin to a death in the family but we need to learn from this, stay strong and continue to grow.


  16. I have appreciated your commentary a great deal, and I will donate shortly.

    While sheltering from the orange thugs in George Square in Glasgow tonight in a friendly Yes bar, I was talking to the other patrons about the result (starting political discussions with strangers is not a regular experience for me!).

    I've heard it argued that the next referendum could come sooner rather than later, particularly if WM fails to deliver the fundamental change (highly likely) or if there is a serious movement to take the UK out of the EU (plausible).

    Though I voted in the referendum, I don't live all year round in Scotland, I spend some time in London. There, I live in a Con-Lab marginal. I was considering giving a tactical vote to Labour in that seat next year to keep the Tories out. However, now I will vote in Scotland - I don't yet know for who, but it will be for one of the forces who backed Yes in this referendum.

  17. Yes. I too think that while tactical moves are all well and good our strategy needs to remain to aim for full independence. I for one have signed up tonight to join the SNP, and I hope to see people like James and others mentioned in the comments to earlier articles today and yesterday get together to create a larger media force. It's only over when it's over, and it's far from over yet.

  18. Use mine to have yourself a well-deserved dram.

  19. Looking at the mess now beginning to unfold at Westminster it seems that all the Yes side needs to do is to sit tight for a few months. If the promises set out in the Vow are not delivered there will be two opportunities - in 2015 and 2016 - for Scots to show what they think of that. If that's how it pans out, there'll be another referendum soon enough and this time there will be an overwhelming vote in favour of independence; and all those of us who hoped the Union would get one more chance this time will applaud.

    Southam Observer

  20. I'll put mine in after next payday. By the way, good job on BBC breakfast this morning :)

  21. Happy to support your fund raiser.

    If you are able can you post anything on the actual demographic distribution of the votes. I've heard a few snatches of interesting things re under 18s, over 60s etc. Would be nice to see a more comprehensive analysis....


  22. Sorry James..if it's for your living expenses I'd rather give the few quid I can spare directly to the cause. I sort of assumed you had a day job and this was your personal contribution. It was a good blog though.


  23. Have just made a small donation. Keep the faith James.


  24. Thanks, guys, I'm more grateful and touched than I can possibly tell you. And also to everyone else who has donated.

  25. "Sorry James..if it's for your living expenses I'd rather give the few quid I can spare directly to the cause. I sort of assumed you had a day job and this was your personal contribution. It was a good blog though."

    Hugh, I didn't exactly keep the last fundraiser a secret. I've been doing God knows how many hours per day of blogging for the last few weeks (the equivalent of a full-time job at times), and there comes a point where I do actually have to think about how I'm going to eat. I did blog without receiving any income from it whatsoever for six years, but there was a change in my circumstances in the spring and I had to be realistic. But I'm not pressuring anyone to donate, and I went out of my way to make that point clear.

    I'm also sorry you felt you had to put your last sentence in the past tense - that was a bit unnecessary. Even with the money that has been raised so far I'll be able to keep going for a decent period.

  26. Nobody knows the actual demographic of the's a secret ballot. All we've got are polls. Tired of hearing the vilification of older folk on this basis...when I was younger I was taught to respect my elders. Forgetting that old people spent years contributing to your today is disingenuous...youngster of today will be old one day and your views change as life goes on. You are only going to see the current old generation replaced with another one...don't assume your ideals in your youth are the same in old age.
    Some respect please


  27. I'll maybe do a detailed post about this later, but the evidence we have so far is actually quite contradictory on how different age groups voted. If under-55s are lumped together, though, I don't think there's much doubt there was a majority for Yes.

  28. James

    A considerable number of us have been putting in considerable hours on top of working for a long time for this cause. Never have I been offered or would I receive expenses for what I have done. I did it for what I believed in. Others are free to, but I will not be paying you to write where others have given so much out of sheer passion. Sorry if this seems harsh but it's the way I feel.


  29. Then, Hugh, I'll be equally direct and say that I think you're being gratuitously nasty about this.

  30. James

    It's your are entitled to your viewpoint. I am not being nasty. We have worked for this like dogs too..with NO recompense. Try and appreciate that.


  31. Hugh, we're all tired and upset, but lashing out at me in a spiteful way is not helping either of us. If you think I shouldn't be running a fundraiser, then we'll have to agree to differ.

  32. James

    It would be helpful if you made it clear above that this fundraiser is for your personal living expenses...not the costs of the blog.

  33. Hugh, is that you again? You can identify who you are by selecting the "Name/URL" section when you comment - just leave the URL blank if you don't have a website or profile you want to link to.

    The nature of the fundraiser is very clearly explained, and if you're trying to imply that I've misled people, that's entirely unwarranted. I really think you should stop now.

  34. I am not being "spiteful"...I am expressing my concern that you want people to pay for your personal expenses on the back of a fundraiser when the rest of the campaign has been run by yes stalwarts for free.

    I don't think that is out of order.


  35. Hugh, stop. Please stop. You've had your say, and I've tried to set you straight on a couple of misconceptions (for example there are no "running costs" as such for a blog like this). There's nowhere else to go with this discussion.

  36. Actuall James that wasn't me...and I am using name now as requested. For the record I do not think it is clear that this is not for blog expenses but your own personal ones.

  37. And for the record, I disagree that there is anything misleading in the language I used. Can we please draw a line under this now?

  38. Sent a donation James, was very grateful for your analyses throughout the campaign.Spend it on whatever the hell you like. The white Bordeaux are especially good at the moment.

  39. Alas, I'm tee-total! Thanks, Vronsky.

  40. Happy to contribute James,

    Really appreciate your work over the campaign. So important that we keep going.

  41. Many thanks, Fiona.

  42. Our regular commenter Hugh has got in touch to make clear that the person posting above as "Hugh" is definitely not him. He strongly suspected that we've been victims of yet another trolling operation, but obviously I can't be 100% sure that's the case. I'm not going to delete the comments, because this is an open forum and I don't want to censor people for being critical of me. There's also a very similar comment from an anonymous poster on the previous thread.

  43. I've been following the referendum from Belfast and have been totally inspired by the Yes campaign. It was the kind of grassroots, progressive, inclusive movement that I'd love to see here in NI.
    I've really enjoyed keeping up to date and informed with your blog. It's proved invaluable for navigating the maze of polls in the run up to the vote.
    I'm really glad that you've decided to keep the blog going, in one form or another and hope to be able to donate if I can.
    And for what it's worth, I have no doubt that Scotland is well on its way to becoming independent - nearly half the population of what is a fantastic, energetic country have said yes to a future they want to carve for themselves. The UK is being held together by the finest of links and I really believe that someday soon, Scotland will have its own voice on the world stage.

    Thanks James.

  44. James. Your blog was my first port of call during the build up to the vote. Its great to have someone decipher the polls for us. Donation on its way. Keep up the great work.

  45. James has worked tirelessly and been completely open and transparent throughout.

    SCOTgoesPOP has been one of the best and most well informed scottish blogs to keep scottish readers (and those with a general interest in scottish politics) up to date and well informed on polling issues and a great deal else.

    SCOTgoesPOP is keenly read by those who matter and those who are directly involved in scottish politics. His voice and analysis makes a difference.

    Those who have been big-hearted and kind enough to help him in the past and right now when he needs it should feel IMMENSE PRIDE in having contributed to one of the most popular and well regarded scottish blogs.

    For me personally James blog has been a massive encouragement and kept me (and I know for a fact other campaigners) going and encouraged when the feet were sore after the streets and schemes had been traversed all day.

    The knowledgeable regulars James has on here are also a constant source of wisdom and inside information on scottish politics and politics in general.

    The campaign will most assuredly keep going. Be in no doubt about that. Scottish politics will keep going. Westminster politics will keep going. So someone needs to be there to hold their feet to the fire and expose the lies, polling spin and half-truths. James is that someone and we all know it.

    Now that the blatant propaganda and out and out lies have been exposed so clearly to 45% of the scottish public, there has NEVER been a more important time to have well informed and alternative sources of information to the out of touch westminster bubble media.

    You aren't just helping James keep a wonderful scottish voice going in difficult circumstances, you are helping yourselves by keeping the flame of hope alive and making certain a huge number of ordinary scots don't have to rely on a bunch of westminster liars for their 'news' and politics.

  46. Gutted on Friday finally coming to terms, disappointed with Alex S. resigning but understandable.

    My two pence worth.....

    I think the nats need to be doing everything to ensure the promises made during the election and more power keeps coming to Holyrood. You need to get everything promised and then more right down to issuing drivers licenses as in Northern Ireland!! Then smaller things like pressuring that United Kingdom passports reflect Nationality based on the Nation you live in with British Citizen in parentheses.

    I was heartened to read an article in the Telegraph on 16/17 year old and how they are the new nats which is supported by John Ashcroft polling.

    I also think an effort needs to be made that the English do not hate their Scottish neighbors and the Scottish do not hate their English neighbors, but the People of this Island hate Westminster!! To be honest, thats the absolute truth...these politicians as in Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband all went to the same posh schools as children and then the same Universities thats the problem!!

    As more and more power comes to Holyrood and you need to be constantly asking, the people of Scotland will rightly see more competence and the rest of the UK will say they are already a defacto Nation might as well be a dejure Nation.

    I think you need to be supportive of the English gaining its own English Parliament. Why? If England is more independent and less intertwined with Scotland you will not have them begging Scotland to stay!!

    I think you do need to bring up the possibility of another vote as the UK heads to an EU Referendum. This will require extensive thought to word it just right. But I am wondering if England and Scotland should vote separately and if rUK votes to leave the EU and Scotland votes to stay, that would create separation. Again, that requires very careful thinking from the likes of a Salmond and it is something that could gain support of UKIP and anti-EU Torries. The idea is that Scotland does NOT want to be casting the marginal vote to keep the UK in the EU when the people of England want to leave the EU. I would also think it would keep the EU on board with the agenda of seperation.

  47. @George

    You will find few better sources on such things as the WestLothianQuestion and the issues around them than SCOTgoesPOP.

    We have been highlighting such things as the McKay Commission for YEARS. Nothing about the complete farce and collapse of the westminster leaders "VOWS" on more powers comes as surprise to us. We already knew, and said repeatedly, that the WLQ and EV4EL would become untenable and collapse when
    the reality of labour and the lib dems complete opposition to EV4EL and a meaningful answer to WLQ come to the fore.

    Labour and the lib dems will never castrate their scottish MPs willingly. The SNP do NOT vote on English only matters. This is an issue that the lib dems and labour will never face up to willingly and will always kick into touch years down the road with yet another talking shop or report on them to be forgotten about.

    You need to put the pressure on labour and the lib dems George as they are the ones who are actively killing the prospect of more meaningful powers and a fair answer to the WLQ right this very second. Meanwhile Cameron and the tories are only too happy to use Clegg and Miliband's inaction as an excuse not to deliver them as well.

  48. Happy to donate James. By the way, you don't have to justify your actions to certain mischief makers on here. You have already clearly stated what your needs and intentions are. It's not like you are twisting people's arms. Just ignore them because by entering into discussion with them you only succeed in making them feel important. Sad really.

  49. "I think you do need to bring up the possibility of another vote as the UK heads to an EU Referendum. This will require extensive thought to word it just right. But I am wondering if England and Scotland should vote separately and if rUK votes to leave the EU and Scotland votes to stay, that would create separation."

    Britain will note vote to leave the EU if there is a referendum (barring perhaps a massive event such as the collapse of the Euro). I write that as someone who would vote to leave the EU but one of the lessons of this referendum is that when you get the political establishment and business sector/financial establishment arguing for the status quo those arguing for change will lose.


  50. James

    Keep up the good work. I have donated and will do so again. I admire your commitment to a free press, even to the extent of allowing obnoxious characters to disparage you so often. Don't let them get to you and remember there are far more of us than there are of them.

  51. "Britain will note vote to leave the EU if there is a referendum"

    How certain are you of that if a BOO tory replaced Cameron or if the tory party split down the middle on the issue? The media would also pile in massively and quite likely a good few of them would be for OUT.

    If it's just Farage then sure, it's less likely to be OUT as he has ZERO chance of replicating the kind of massive grass roots campaign and voter registration that Yes did. But if the tory party go loopy over Europe yet again (which as we all know they just can't stop doing) then their heavily BOO activists are up for grabs and things become far less certain.

    As for the insistence that the political establishment and business sector/financial establishment always win. Nope. Just not true. They were on the winning side this FIRST time against Independence but they most certainly were not on the winning side for the last Devolution referendum.

  52. "How certain are you of that if a BOO tory replaced Cameron or if the tory party split down the middle on the issue? The media would also pile in massively and quite likely a good few of them would be for OUT."

    Cameron, whaterver you may think of him, is according the polling more popular than the Tory Party itself. I can't see an BOO Tory who would be in that position - more likely they would be a drag on Tory ratings (similar to IDS).

    The Sun, Mail, etc, would be pro-exit but the BBC would be massively pro staying in. The influence of the print media is declining all the time and in the case of Sun and Mail would probably only reinforce the existing views of their readers.

    You would also get a massive effort from business to stay in - Branson, etc. There would be same stories about firms leaving as in this referendum - the same lies that we got from them when they were trying to get us into the Euro - and that would swing a massive number of voters.

    As I said previously, I think the only circumstances in which we would get a vote to leave the EU would be following the collapse of the Eurozone (which, given what is happening in France and Italy, I believe will happen, but who knows when!)

  53. James,I really believed that you weren't in it for money. Disappointed of Cape Town.

  54. Thats 10 quid from me

  55. Hi James,

    Donated what I could today. Been reading your blog for a few months now. Hopefully your fundraiser will keep you going a wee while longer.

    Might I suggest that in the medium- to longer-term, you consider working with the likes of NewsnetScotland, or others, to start building a new alternative Scottish news website? I think this is where we need to head in Scotland. I worry how sustainable your blog would be in the longer term, especially once people's interest dies down.

    Either way, you've done a great job over the past few months. I really do believe this defeat will make us much stronger, not only for the next time (for I am sure there will be another referendum of some sort), but also for when independence does come.

  56. "Cameron, whaterver you may think of him, is according the polling more popular than the Tory Party itself."

    Which is akin to saying the infamous Bangkok Sex Tourist Gary Glitter is more popular than Jimmy Savile. (This would be the same Jimmy Savile who 'worked' unhindered for 40 years at the BBC.)

    Party/party leader is a purely relative measure of popularity.

    Nor are the tory party exactly famous for calm level headed decisions when they collectively lose their mind over Europe. Something that is absolutely guaranteed to happen when it finally comes down to a straight IN/OUT question and the kippers breathing down their neck.

    "but the BBC would be massively pro staying in."

    They would indeed but their trust rating from the public will still be plummeting almost as fast the papers are.

    The papers have also been hammered relentlessly by technology and it is technology which will end the BBC license fee sooner rather than later. The license fee is a comical dinosaur in a digital Netflix world. You can bet that the next westminster government is already looking at ways to slash the fee by topping it up with a freemium type service or even simply get rid of it altogether. The savings would be immense and it is no surprise a certain Mr Murdoch will be putting pressure on little Ed and Cammie for that to happen either. Murdoch and Dacre 'persuaded' Cammie and little Ed to reject Leveson and the Royal Commission after all. So it's not as if they aren't used to getting their way when they pile pressure on Cammie and little Ed.

    Business will sway some but not all. If business was the most decisive factor in politics there would be permanent tory and Republican administrations.

    If the next westmisnter government fucks things up badly enough they are perfectly capable of losing an IN/OUT referendum. Their track record on not fucking things up has been somewhat unimpressive, to say the least. ;-)

  57. "James,I really believed that you weren't in it for money. Disappointed of Cape Town."

    Are you really trolling from Cape Town, or is even that made up?

  58. James,will donate when I get paid.

    Its also in all our interests to try and setup either an online paper or a proper paper.

    Still gutted about the result,saw alex on polling day and he looked exhausted.He deserves a break and to spend time with his wife.

    Pissed off with the scum vilifying him over it,but he has passed the torch onto us and its up to us now. 1.6 million can destroy labour and that is my intention.

  59. "Might I suggest that in the medium- to longer-term, you consider working with the likes of NewsnetScotland, or others, to start building a new alternative Scottish news website?"

    To be fair, Newsnet Scotland itself is already a sustainable alternative news website, to such an extent that they've even had regular contributions from the likes of Lesley Riddoch and David Torrance. I'm sure Bella Caledonia will carry on, and hopefully National Collective and Wings Over Scotland will as well. I suppose the question is whether it's better to have diversity or for everything to be in the same 'hub'.

    But you're right that it would probably be very hard to run a third fundraiser next year, because interest is bound to drop.

  60. James, carry on. Will donate as soon as I get back to my home computer. What you did and will continue to do, is vital for us to understand what is going on wrt polls. Read your blog daily for weeks, want it to continue.

    As I see it, if you worked for an "independence" newspaper, I would buy it, and it would pay you a wage. If an indy paper becomes possible, and employs yourself, Stu, Paul Kavanagh, Newsnet people etc, then that would be great. Otherwise I will continue to support you all in an ad-hoc way.

    Keep going. We must not stop. Scotland deserves better.

    PS. Sorry you are being abused by nasty minded trolls.

    Sue Varley

  61. Just a thought James - Catalonia is having a referendum soon. What happens there could have a big impact on any future votes here. Any idea how that's looking polling wise?

  62. @James

    "because interest is bound to drop."

    Not too sure about that myself James. Drop from a high yes but certainly not drop away completely. SNP membership has rocketed since Thursday and the Greens and SSP are, from what I hear, doing damn well too.

    Today and yesterday's absolutely farcical events as Cammie, Clegg and little Ed's "VOW" turns to dust is merely a harbinger of thing's to come.

    Little Ed, Cammie and Clegg don't have such comically low personal ratings with the public for nothing. None of them have a clue how to control their own parties, never mind run an effective and competent government for all the people. The 2015 GE circus will be watched with great interest by scots as we all learn just how 'better together' we will be.

    The spectacle of "crash" Gordon lying through his teeth leading the BBC 'News' today is as breathtaking as it is tragic. BROWN HAS NO POWER AT ALL TO ENSURE ANYTHING. End of story. He is a mere backbench MP who can't even be bothered to turn up at the commons for 99% of the time.

    Lest anyone be in any doubt just how little Brown's 'pledges' are now worth..

    LabourList ‏@LabourList 5h

    Gordon Brown rules out return to frontline politics

    So there you have it. Brown will be off to pursue more 'lucrative' matters soon enough. Just like Blair.

    Little Ed has already completely ignored him and with customary 'tact' and strategic 'genius' decided this was a good idea just over a day after the result.

    Craig Munro @Fankledoose · 2h

    Miliband: More Important Things Than Devo Max …

    Though the repulsive new labour warmonger Jack Straw managed to top even that on the "crass stupidity" scale.

    And so it begins: Jack Straw calls for Scottish independence to be made illegal. No, really.

    That should go down well with 45% of scots, you ignorant twat.

    You have to wonder if these incompetent idiots realise just how much trouble scottish labour is now in. If Glasgow didn't wake them up then nothing will.

  63. You might be right Mick.

    I bet a lot of No voters are feeling properly stitched up already.

    The first thing that came out of David Cameron's mouth after the vote was some petty party political bullshit about English votes for English laws designed to screw Labour.

    Gone was the conciliatory tone, gone was the focus on Scotland. Pathetic.

  64. I've also a heard a couple of amusing rumours that after Brown's more powers wheeze he fully expected to be greeted with awe, respect and offers of anything he wanted by little Ed. Only problem being that little Ed is then none too happy about the scale of Brown's rhetoric and promises that Ed then has to deliver and he lets Brown know it. Brown (somewhat unsurprisingly) does not take kindly to such 'impudence'. Hence the spectacle today of Brown doubling down on his more powers pledge to put vast pressure on little Ed just before Brown toddles off laughing at the unholy mess he leaves behind for little Ed and the rest of them.

    Mere amusing speculation by some? Likely so, but with more than a grain of truth in it I suspect.

    Brown has long regarded the labour upper echelons with undisguised suspicion and regards almost all of them as potential, if not outright enemies. That's what an endless internecine war with the Blairites did to him and he's been paranoid and not quite the full shilling ever since.

  65. I have really enjoyed and valued this site in the last few months. We will need you for GE2015 so I'll be donating when I get paid.

    Thanks for all your work,


  66. @Hugh

    I did point out that Cammie only tied more powers to the WLQ and EV4EL so as he could duck the 'more powers' issue too.

    Was it the starting pistol for the 2015 election campaign, partisan and motivated to put little Ed and labour on the spot? Abso-fucking-lutely. You are 100% correct on that.

    Trouble is the WLQ and EV4EL are not ancillary matters but directly tied to any meaningful shift of powers. No getting away from that one Hugh. The WLQ must be tackled or the powers are worthless anyway.

    However, should you wish to question Cameron's commitment to EV4EL and the WLQ, then by all means look to the McKay Commission which was pointedly ignored at the time of publishing.

    Nor should anyone be in any doubt that it's not actually little Ed who is stopping any movement on EV4EL and the WLQ right this second. Sure, he won't countenance it and neither will the labour party but it is calamity Clegg who would veto any legislation on it out of partisan self interest for his own scotish MPs right now. (while he still some) LOL ;-)

  67. Well that whole 'SNP collapse after a No' thing seems to be panning out.

    SNP Membership spikes to over 30,000

    Membership up by 20% in just a day or so. Greens gaining big style too. Harvesting Labour voters en masse as Labour members cancel their membership online openly.

    May 2015 should be entertaining. If polls and the above are to be believed, it's bye bye Scottish Labour.

    They may have saved the union (temporarily), but killed themselves doing that.

  68. @Scottish_Skier

    Surely little Ed will save them? No, wait, the eggman! That's it. Murphy will stride forth with wee Dougie to do a 100 scottish labour members in a 100 days tour. Just don't mention any "vows" or pledges.

    Or as I just saw on another site..

    "How now Brown Vow!"


    You have to hand it to these westminster bubble imbeciles. They could not have given the 45% a bigger boost while cheering us all up with their jawdropping incompetence over the past couple of days.

    Blatantly Lying about more powers has made certain a huge number of No voters will turn on them with a vengeance if 2015 and beyond is as laughably inept as little Ed, Clegg and Cammie have proven themselves to be right now. Months more of this to go and their debates to look forward to as well. A real 'battle of the giants' that one. ;-)

    I went shopping earlier and the Yes badge was on show. No abuse but a very interesting discussion in a supermarket (not Asda obviously LOL) with a pair of obvious Yes supporters who were already in animated discussion when I joined in.

    Let me be crystal clear. The ANGER over what the BBC and westminster bubble media have done is very, very real. The determination to keep fighting for a better scotland is just as real and I could scarcely believe how determined the two of them were.

    They had been dispirited and admitted heartbreak straight after the result of course, but now they were back out and resolute. One guy was working/restocking the shelves in the shop and another a perfectly ordinary scottish woman shopping with her husband. If I had any niggling doubts that the 45% will never give up they were utterly removed after that wonderful and inspiring discussion. Sadness at Salmond going but both agreed Nicola will be truly formidable and put the fear of god into an already crumbling SLAB. Greens also mentioned with approval too so Patrick Harvie should take heed and keep backing the grassroots 45%.

    We have woken up a truly massive number of scots and they are not about to go back to sleep again. If nothing else the inept racket from a corrupt westminster establishment will keep them and a great many of the No voters wide awake.

    I sincerely hope James and his outstanding blog will be part of the continuing movement for a better scotland for all the people. So again, to those who have helped him already or are thinking of doing so, your selfless kindness is hugely appreciated by all of us who gather here to keep the dream alive.


  69. "We have woken up a truly massive number of Scots". I'm sure that's true. Labour and possibly the SNP have both gained members, and I foresee a larger Scottish Labour presence in Westminster next May - men and women ready to fight for a fairer Scotland and abetter UK.

    I do hope that the "Yes" side will cease their anti-Scottish comments, insulting the majority of the Scottish people. There is a need for people to come together and forget the faults of the past. A new and betterr age is dawning for all the people of the United Kingdom.

  70. I see comments everywhere saying that 54% of under 65"s voted YES - could James comment on this for if true its a monumental time-bomb under the union.

    In any event 45% voted for Scotland to be independent and if Westminster thinks for one minute that they are going to meekly accept a 55% majority thst was only obtained by Westminster and its media lackeys lying and cheating all the way through the campaign, then they had better think again.

    YES campaigners should now unite to form a political force even stronger than it was complete with streaming TV and Radio and online news to rival and even better the British media in every way to reach out with a message of truth to the people of Scotland that makes it the number one choice for viewing and listening to news and current affairs in Scotland.

    Then this new political force campaigns like never seen before to make Scotland’s Westminster MP’s unionist free. We’ve already done it to the Tories, the LibDems just need one last small push, and now the Westminster Labour party in Scotland are ripe for eradication too.

    Once Scotland returns every MP as one who wants full political and fiscal autonomy we have an unstoppable weapon to get exactly what we want.

    We can do it!

  71. "I do hope that the "Yes" side will cease their anti-Scottish comments"

    I do hope you have the slightest bit of proof for that pitiful smear lest we place that laughable nonsense alongside the equally hilarious..

    "Labour and possibly the SNP have both gained members, and I foresee a larger Scottish Labour presence in Westminster next May "

    POSSIBLY the SNP you say?


    Very magnanimous I'm sure. Though again Scottish_skier has provided something called "evidence" of the SNP membership rocketing up almost 20%

    You, on the other hand, don't appear to have furnished us with anything other than assertion and a somewhat implausible 'vision' of a SLAB resurgance after they have been cheek by jowl with the tories and seen Glasgow turn against them so strikingly.

    Perhaps you should have made a VOW that scottish labour are surging as I hear VOWS are very popular these days since they are guaranteed not to blow up in anyone's face. Like say, Brown and little Ed's :-D

  72. Somehow this money grubbing ruins everything. Saddened of Catalonia.

  73. "Somehow this money grubbing ruins everything. Saddened of Catalonia."

    Oh, is that you again, "Hugh"? Or maybe "Felice"? Which exotic location are you going to troll from next?

  74. Anyone know the VI figures from this:

    'SNP support soars after referendum'

  75. I'm a committed unionist and disagree with your views so won't be donating but I have to say I enjoy reading what is a very good, obviously biased (but fair in it's own way) blog.
    You have contributed greatly to a very healthy democratic debate on Scotland's future.
    FWIW I think the current cynicism over the delivery of "The Vow" is probably over the top until we see what happens. I genuinely believe Brown, Cameron and Darling are committed to delivering this. I feel possibly only Milliband doesn't have his heart fully in it. (having said that, I'd say the proposed timetable is a bit ambitious and hope you and others will cut them some slack in this regard though obviously not in the substance).
    Ironically, this means that the best outcome for Scotland would be a Tory victory at the next GeneralElection to give Cameron a chance to deliver.

  76. SNP continue to soar in UK Yougov polls (see % share of national total), and that's with SNP downweighting.

    Scotland loving Miliband:

    15% Well
    80% Badly

    Was cutting your own throat in Scotland worth it SLAB?

  77. Aye, the best option for May 15 is SNP; wipe out SLAB.

    That way whether it is the Tories or Lab the Scottish SNP MPs can work on a deal.

    No point voting for the most anti-devo party that is Labour.

  78. James,
    I will fund you, but only if you moderate the comments. The trolls are annoying and a waste of time and do make me less likely to read the blog, which nevertheless has become one of my go to places.

    Doug D

  79. Hey James,
    I'll be donating after payday.

    I just wanted to add that I find it odd people are objecting to you using this to pay for your living expenses. £5K in 8 months is very low living expenses in my opinion, and honestly, if it is a full time job, then I'm sorry but you totally deserve it. If they want free media I guess these folks have to put up with the agenda of the establishment and big business that funds 'free media'.

    Good luck.