Friday, February 21, 2014

Cunning Scolympians narrowly avoid 'God Save the Queen' moment

It's the age-old curse of the Scolympian - obviously you want to do well, but terrifying dangers lie in store for anyone who gets greedy and tries to do a bit TOO well.  As Andy Murray discovered two years ago, if you go the whole hog and win gold you're likely to have to put up with this sort of thing being said about you -

"He's touched the Union Jack! Astonishing! Look at the flag! Look at Murray! You see? No distance at all between the two! The Murray shoulder is in ACTUAL CONTACT with OUR flag! He's one of us!

He's singing the anthem! Oh my God! He's actually singing OUR anthem! OK, he's sort of mumbling it...but that'll do! He's one of us! No doubt about it!

He even knows the WORDS to the anthem! Well, he knows some of the words, anyway. At least seven of them. But nobody else knows the words to the anthem either, so that means...he's one of us! Irrefutable proof!

And he hasn't produced a claymore, started screaming "Death to the English" and attacked the Duchess of Cambridge! That's what we all expected him to do...but he hasn't! Incredible! True Brit!

Gosh, how that boy has MATURED..."

So ideally what you're looking for is that sweet spot of winning the highest-value medal available that doesn't come as part of a "God Save the Queen really does have to be played" package. Through no fault of his own, David Murdoch has already heard quite a bit of that tune in the past, so no wonder he went to such extraordinary lengths today to avoid a repeat.

Job done, boys. Here's to Pyeongchang in 2018 - and let's make sure that any gold medal then will only come attached to the saltire and Flower of Scotland.


  1. He blew it in the 2nd end when he missed the simple shot for a 2.

    Canada were there to be squashed into maple syrup. Idiots!

  2. They didn't play well, but what really drove me mad was Steve Cram in the 6th or 7th end going on and on and on for several minutes about how Murdoch "wasn't thinking clearly" for attempting the hit and roll, rather than forcing the 1 with a double take-out. There was never an option to force the 1 in that way, because Canada would just have blanked the end. I can't believe Jackie Lockhart didn't correct him. Dougie Donnelly and Kirsty Hay may not have been the most scintillating of commentators, but at least they were on the ball and authoritative.

  3. Without knowing how the poll methodology is made up, an interesting chart from Scotplus (saw it on Wings).

  4. Marcia : I can only assume the Scotpulse poll isn't scientific given the general lack of reporting of it. A new ICM is coming out overnight, though. That's going to be a very nervous wait - if the No lead goes back up to where it was in September we'll have to accept that last month's poll was probably a rogue. But if the No lead creeps up only slightly from last month I would be very satisfied, because that would essentially confirm the long-term swing to Yes.

    If there's one thing I can't stand, it's Kenny Farquharson knowing something that the rest of us don't!

  5. One clue will be what comes out of BT tonight either by twitter or FB (although I don't do FB) if favourable to them. So far zilch.