Thursday, October 31, 2013

Questions to which the answer is "Me!"

We're all hugely indebted to Andrew Morton for his illuminating report for Wings from behind enemy lines, at the 'launch' (do these things ever have a follow-through?) of Better Together Musselburgh.  The obvious highlight (if that's the right word) was this cringe-inducing question from Tory MSP Gavin Brown -

"What Scottish soldier, proudly serving in the British army, would want to join the Scottish forces and spend their time parading up and down in a kilt in front of Edinburgh castle waiting for tourists to take their picture?"

Leaving aside the obvious point that, regrettably, this particular brand of Brigadoon Separatism isn't actually on offer from anyone, I would imagine the literal answer to Mr Brown's question would go something like this -

"One who wants to be well-paid without facing the risk of being blown to kingdom come in a pointless and illegal war."


  1. Ah'm tempted tae go up tae the Castle an ask the sodjers oan duty whit they think o that, seein as how "parading up and down in a kilt in front of Edinburgh Castle waiting for tourists to take their picture" is exactly whit they're daein th'day IN THE BRITISH ARMY!!

    Gavin Brown beggars belief...

  2. I think they would rather march in the Royal Mile instead of having your legs blown off in Iraq in an illegal war.

  3. I attended the BT launch in Dunoon and I have to say that it was a very sorry affair. Worst moment, and there was a lot of competition, was the BT youth representative's statement that "Scotland was useless" - it literally brought the house down with the longest & loudest cheers and applause of the evening.

  4. Gavin Brown is beyond belief. You have to wonder who he thought he was convincing with that statement. It was an insult to just about everyone.

    As Sophia says, to the soldiers, who may or may not be Scottish, who are marching up and down outside Edinburgh castle in a kilt in the British army;

    Then to every soldier in the British army that parades in dress uniform the trooping the colour ceremony or outside Buckingham palace, outside St James's Palace, outside Kensington Palace and in Horse Guard's parade, doing ceremonial duties, or who accompany Her Majesty (bedecked in jewels and dressed in a long white frock) in her gold coach to the state opening of the London parliament;

    Indeed, to every soldier in the British army who didn't join specifically to take in foreign "adventures" in countries which pose no immediate threat to the UK;

    And finally to all people unionist or independentist who aren't ashamed of Scotland being a small country with no immediately observable enemies, at least not outside of her own boundaries.

    He's clearly not the brightest representative the Tories have, and it might be better for their cause if they put him in a box somewhere and didn't let him out until after the referendum.

    I hope Sophia will be kind enough to let us know what the sodjers said!