Friday, July 5, 2013

YouGov's attention to detail

I got mildly excited a few minutes ago when I checked the YouGov website and saw the words "Scottish Omnibus Survey", but it turned out to be not quite what I was expecting.  This is the breaking news - 8% of part-time workers in Scotland think that Serena Williams would beat Andy Murray in a three-set match.

It has to be said that YouGov aren't so hot on independence referendum polling at the moment, but as far as hypothetical tennis scenarios are concerned - they've got all the angles covered.  Stick with them to discover how many times female skateboarders in Glenrothes think that Elena Baltacha will be foot-faulted if she plays Urszula Radwanska in the second round of the 2015 French Open.


  1. Oh I thought it was a survey on the appalling bus services... ho hum...

  2. James

    There is probably a reason why there are no polls on independence at present.

    Do you think the reason might be they do not like the results they are getting back?

  3. Possibly, but then again YouGov are traditionally the most favourable pollsters for the No side (or at least they were back in the long distant days when they actually did such polls!).

    Tris : I sympathise. My local First bus service has just got even worse, something I would scarcely have thought was possible!

  4. 8% of part-time workers need to be sent to the mental hospital then.

    Unless they were having a larf of course.

    Since Polls cost money who paid for this one?