Monday, January 28, 2013

Electoral Commission's reputation for impartiality in tatters as its opinion is leaked to unionist rag

If anyone needed a reminder of why so many of us wanted a Scottish rather than a London body to have oversight of the independence referendum, this is surely it. As a nation, the minimum we were entitled to expect was that we would hear the Electoral Commission's opinion (and it is merely an opinion, not a 'decision') on the proposed referendum question from the body itself, not from a unionist rag in London spouting the usual drivel about a "devastating blow" to Alex Salmond. (Incidentally, just how many more of these daily "devastating blows" can the poor man take from the London press? Presumably by now his body must already have been hacked into a thousand little pieces.)

As we apparently now have to regard the London Times as spokesperson for the scrupulously impartial Electoral Commission, it seems that the alternative question being suggested is "Should Scotland be an independent country?", on the grounds of its greater "simplicity". Which is somewhat ironic, given that much of the unionist press were screaming for a question that was considerably longer and more complex than the Scottish Government's proposal, preferably incorporating catchy words such as "separation" and "divorce".

Ah well, better a sinner that repenteth, and all that...


  1. I would like it even simpler : Independence for Scotland - Yes or No

    I have been bemused by the whole episode about the question. By voting day we will all know what the question will be about.

  2. Well, according to the London press, ANYTHING is a "blow to Salmond". It should NOT have been released to the Times first but I suspect that the Scottish Government may be perfectly happy to go along with that very simple and straightforward question. And THAT will be a blow to a lot of the haters out there.

  3. It is worth reminding everybody that the electoral commission was the body that saved self-confessed, and guilty as sin, LABOUR politician, Wendy Alexander from a prison term.

    They decided she shouldn't face trial. Not the police or the Procurator Fiscal. A bunch of westminster appointees.

    And yet the lesser spotted unionists still scream about their Holy Writ!